Blood Bullet Release New Single “Automaton Reflex”

Los Angeles native band Blood Bullet have recently released a music video for their latest single “Automaton Reflex” off their latest album “Eternal Return Vol. 2: Extinct by the Future.” Check out the alternative rocker below:

The band is comprised of Isiah Zombie (vocals) and Brandon Dean (guitar), who have come together to release their fourth official studio album. Andrei Skliarov and Giovanni Maucieri join the recording session to fill out the bass and drum duties, respectively. The song is ultimately about a person struggling to break free from the daily routines of life that have become so robotic, to the point that all actions and tasks are completed as reflex.

“Automaton Reflex” is the band’s latest release since the 2020 concept album “Eternal Return Vol. 1,” which focused on an ongoing war between zombies and vampires. This time around, Blood Bullet’s upcoming “Vol. 2” album will focus on the battle between the robots and aliens as they have their own reasons for enslaving the human race.

Lyrically, Isiah Zombie stated, “The main theme of the track relates to today’s 9-5 working environment. The lyrics shine a light on how we are all just cogs in the machine. Some of us have essentially become robots.”

To stay up to date with the band, check out the band’s website at and on Spotify.

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