4IV Releases New Track “Into the Black”

Three-piece band 4IV has released its hard-hitting garage rock song “Into the Black” for your listening pleasure. Check out the song below:

Those who are longing for the hard rock days of the 1970s are in for a treat. “Into the Black” has all the vintage electric sounds you could want and presents it all in raw, headbang-inducing chaos. The mix allows all the instruments to shine. You’ll hear crunchy guitars, rolling and banging drums, and a strong bass that laces the rhythm together with groovy intensity. Although the riffs are heavy, they are also melodic, and the guitar solo is unique and unexpected but fits in with the energetic environment within the confines of this bold endeavor.

The vocals in “Into the Black” has what every rock band needs: high, loud, and full of edgy energy. The title of the track is in the chorus and all it takes is one listen to find yourself yelling along to it. The lyrics deal with a lot of current events and how some people are, “Doing well and making bank / But you get caught, thrown in the tank.” This is what contemporary rock should be talking about, especially in today’s political climate. The song challenges the status quo in an effective way and allows new possibilities for other bands to follow in. The music video itself shows how much the band members are engaged in the song while the imagery of real news events from war to politicians ties everything together.

Overall, “Into the Black” successfully offers an aggressive view of today’s world while also bringing back the hard rock style from decades ago. This fusion of old and new is a delight to hear and we can’t wait to see what’s next in store from 4IV. To stay up to date with the band, follow 4IV on Facebook and YouTube.

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