Rebecca DGD Releases Rap and Roll Track “Love’s Boss”

Songwriter, rapper and recording artist Rebecca DGD (DawgGoneDavis) has recently released her latest single “Love’s Boss” featuring Snoop Dogg producer Chago Williams, guitarist Romain Duchein, drummer Jack Perry, and German producer Hellmut Wolf on July 22. Check out the song below: 

DGD is a unique artist who came unto the scene in 2018 and has since been blazing the indie charts worldwide with her numerous singles. Her personality shines through on her songs, as they are rooted in lived experiences that are bold, relatable, and quirky enough to capture the interest of a wide range of audiences. Add in a backing band that is musically virtuoso, and you have yourself a winning combination that dominates your mind with narrative storytelling and moves your body with hypnotic instrumentation.

“Love’s Boss” is a 50’s swinging style song with DGD’s vocal musings telling of wild tales through the use of interesting wordplay and clever rhyming. She shows that Hip-Hop and rap is accessible to anyone with the talent to do it regardless of their background. The stories of her life range from stealing daddy’s cigarette to driving over the neighbors mailbox and speeding away. Regardless of one’s own life experiences, one can find the humor in her way of presenting a story endearing enough for multiple listens to truly grasp all the hidden gems found throughout each line.

Overall, the “Love’s Boss” is for anyone looking for something new and fun and to have a blast at a party or just driving down the highway. Be sure to keep up with all things DGD on Spotify.

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