Pidgie Combines Creativity with Empowerment

Singer-songwriter Patti “Pidgie” Panzarino released her latest single “Accessory” off her latest album “Just Breathe” on all platforms. Check out the song below:

The songs start calmly and jazzy, with cool and smooth backing vocals. Pidgie chimes in to deliver lines about moving on from a dysfunctional relationship, ultimately declaring that she was her partner’s best accessory. The line, “You change women like I change my shoes” puts into perspective Pidgie’s fun, observant and snarky side in her storytelling abilities and it makes for an invigorating listen every time. Her writing style is lighthearted and entertaining while her voice draws you in and brings it all together. The song is just what we need from all the troubles in the world.

All of the musicians who played on the song are played lovingly by Bobby Torello (drums), Scott Spray (bass), Al Ferrante (rhythm guitar), Cliff Goodwin (lead guitar), Ron Rifkin (keyboards) and Christine Ohlman (background vocals). Interesting guitar licks line the uplifting chorus, and the main giutar solo adds life a distinct personality to the track, as the rhythm section holds it all together nicely. The band combined with Pidgie is an all star lineup and have been able to create art that is engaging but also positive.

Aside from just the music, Pidgie was born with spinal muscular atrophy and advocates for people with disabilities to overcome obstacles throught acceptance and encouragement. She continues to mentor and represent people with disabilities in a more positive light. Her music shows that anyone can accomplish anything!

Overall, “Accessory” is a true testament to Pidgie’s abilities as a singer-songwriter and we can’t wait to hear more from her. To stay up to date all things Pidgie, be sure to check her out on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and her own site.

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