Opâru – New Video Release

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Opâru has released a new video for “The Deep End,” which focuses on the beautiful aspects of nature and blending them with an urban landscape. Check out the video below:

Opāru is the moniker of Los Angeles-based songwriter-singer and actress Dianna St. Hilaire, who is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is creating haunting electro music with dark undertones, and “The Deep End” shows off her influences that can be found throughout the record, including the likes of Mt. Eden, Lindsey Stirling, director David Lynch, American Horror Story, and Zola Jesus.

The new single is a love song to her beloved and admires the strengths and the flaws in a relationship, but most importantly it focuses on the depth of what most humans attempt to attain in their lifetime. The video features time-lapsed visuals of nature and the hustle and bustle of a city at night and highlights the importance of finding compassion for living things and being mindful of your inner animal.

“The music represents pure animalistic human emotion,” St. Hilaire said. “It epitomizes what it is like to be human by transcending the human experience with self-discovery and acceptance of who we are on an emotional level.”

Hilaire started to write and perform music at a very young age in choir and musicals. Her first instrument was the piano and she taught herself the craft of reading and writing music. In her late teens, she began performing with punk bands and for producers as a back-up/studio vocalist in New Mexico where she took on her first musical alias with the group Versailles. Partnering with the infamous Kim Fowley (The Runaways, Kiss, Joan Jett, Alice Cooper), she has toured the US extensively, been featured on the official Grammy ballots, as well as charting on Billboard. In 2015, St. Hilaire decided to reinvent herself with the new project Opāru that focuses on experimental electronica, 80s synth pop and alternative rock.

“’The Deep End’ is about a unique equality between two people on an emotional and physical level,” Opāru said. “Our survivability paired with our own hopes and dreams and how we can make them a reality for each other by helping one another to change the world.”

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Patrick Doval – New Video Release

Miami, Florida-based singer-songwriter and producer Patrick Doval has released his 20th music video for “Crush” from his 2016 LP “Obscured.” Check out the 80s dance pop track here:

“Crush” is a fun song with a quirky video that takes inspiration from the 1958 cult film “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” with its larger than life actor searching for her relatively miniature friend. The over the top zaniness of the video draws comparisons to the creativity level of someone like David Bowie, who always took art into new, exciting directions. The video is yet another example of Doval’s musical and creative inspiration. The song is featured on last year’s “Obscured,” an EP that debut at #164 on the FMQB radio charts along with its lead single “Sugarless Candy.” The song peaked at #27 and spent 20 weeks in the top 100.

Doval is known for being a do-it-yourself artist and he has been actively making music for more than ten years and five albums. Some of Doval’s music videos have been showcased at premier contemporary art stages including Art Basel, and the Wynwood Arts District of Miami’s Curator’s Voice Art Projects.


Photo by Robert G. Zuckerman

To see Doval live, be sure to catch him at the Echo Tech in Miami on June 30 and July 28. Stay up to date with all things Doval at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and his official site.

TeamMate – Band Interview

Los Angeles-native indie-pop duo TeamMate has recently released its self-titled debut album. TeamMate spoke with ETV about their musical inspirations, the making of their new album, and advice for other two-member groups out there. Check out the anthemic single “Damage” here:

The new synth-pop album showcases the overall sound of Scott Simons (keyboards, vocals) and Dani Buncher (drums, vocals) working together in a musical partnership long in the making. The album is filled with larger than life choruses and pure pop sensibilities emerging from the member’s varied musical influences they’ve had growing up. Dani, who grew up listening to Top 40 radio and MTV, cited early musical influences that included George Michael, Madonna, Peter Gabriel, Tears For Fears, Neneh Cherry, and Cathy Dennis.

“When my brother and I were little, and were in the car with my mom, we always listed to the local oldies station,” Dani said. “The Supremes, The Shirelles, and The Temptations were in heavy rotation and have played just as big of a role in my musical taste.”

Scott grew up with music handed down from his parents, such as The Beatles, Billy Joel, Simon & Garfunkel and musical theatre soundtracks.

“I went through a late 80s rap phase where I was obsessed with Young MC,” Scott said. “When I got into college, the first Ben Folds 5 album changed my life. I also got heavily into some great songwriters like Elvis Costello and Aimee Mann and rediscovered a lot of music from my childhood like The Cars, The Police, Blondie, and early U2.”

With an assortment of musical knowledge to take inspiration from, Scott and Dani keep in mind how the instruments will shape the overall sound they make when they write songs. The opening track “Nothing’s Ever Over” was important in helping them find this album’s direction and tone, allowing them to realize that even though they operate as a duo, there is only one “voice” as TeamMate.

“I think we were trying to grow our sound from where it was,” Scott said. “We started out writing a little more one sided from my perspective on our relationship but ‘Nothing’s Ever Over’ was very much about and from both of us. Once we committed to singing that song in unison together, rather than have a lead singer, that helped us find a sound we liked for the rest of the record. Also, the ‘size’ of the synth sounds and drums really helped us make a bit of a template moving forward.”

The grand-pop synth sound can definitely be found in the lead single “Damage.” Scott said the song was written about the time they realized if they could put past relationship issues behind them and focus on being friends and bandmates, they would be able to move onto something special. One of special things coming from their musical relation was the completion of the LP and they are both proud of being able to share it to the world.

“Releasing music is the hardest and scariest part because you open yourself up to feedback and criticism,” Scott said. “But we feel so confident that we made an album we’re proud of full of songs we love and that alone is a success to me.”

“I agree with Scott,” Dani said. “Finishing an album that you are 100 percent proud of and excited about can sometimes be the hardest part. Sometimes when we play the new songs live, it takes me right back to the studio when we were first working out our ideas together. It’s a great feeling to be on stage, playing those songs, and recognizing the progress process of songwriting and recording.”

cd art.jpg

“TeamMate” album cover art

Now with their first studio album complete, TeamMate is looking to hopefully go out on tour and do some shows, an experience they find fun. The journey they have been through – as a romantic relationship leading into a musical one – may have been mostly personal, but the journey they went through could help others out there. They offered advice for up-and-coming two-member bands for getting along.

“Treat it like any other relationship,” Dani said. “Communicate, respect each other, and learn how to predict each other’s mood swings.”

“Or just date for ten years and break up,” Scott said. “If you can survive that then you’re ready for the music industry.”

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Savant – New Album Release

Savant has released his four-CD anthology collection “Outcasts” that celebrates his diverse discography from the past five years. Stream the full album here:

The anthology features new and unreleased material, VIP mixes, demos and more to celebrate Savant’s 5th anniversary. Savant is the alter-ego of Norway born, Los Angeles-based producer, composer Aleksander Vinter who has released 13 full length albums since 2011. From his debut “Ninur” and all the way through now, Savant has earned the right for becoming known as an unpredictable dance music icon. He has collected Norwegian Grammy Nominations, Top 25 positions on the iTunes Pop and Dance charts, more than 60 million Spotify stream, and 11 #1 albums on Beatport, an electronic music site.

Savant has experimented with a multitude of genres such as house, electro, disco, 80s new wave, 70s glam rock, 8-bit videogame soundtracks and more. For new fans looking to get into Savant music, the best way is to check out his latest anthology “Outcasts” available now.


Photo provided by Savant

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Port Juvee – New Music Video (2)

Port Juvee have released a new music video for “CRIMEWAVE,” the title track of the band’s album that came out last year. Experience the new wave, punk rock sounds and visuals here:

All the live footage in the video was shot in the band’s little concrete jamspace in Calgary that is covered with graffiti and happens to be the place where they recorded the “CRIMEWAVE” album.

“We wanted to combine some of the inspiration we found in the kitsch of old public access television style telethons with some nods to the underground radio scenes of The Warriors,” said vocalist Brett Sandford. “The entire record was made in a chaotic time in our lives, and the track is about finding opportunities for change in those crazy times where you think everything’s gone wrong.”


Photo provided by Port Juvee

The EP was produced by the band with the help of Justin Gerrish, who worked on Vampire Weekend’s “Contra.” The album goes through a series of punk and 80s-inspired rhythms that are sure to be a nice throwback for anyone from the era and a nice flashback for those who came after.

The band has been headlining major festivals including CMJ, Sled Island X-Fest and Rifflandia, and have also supported DIIV, Titus Andronicus, Twin Peaks, Sticky Fingers, Bleachers and The Orwells on tour. To stay up to date with Port Juvee as they continue to rise, check them out on Bandcamp, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Facebook.