Joey Flats Delivers a Hit with “WASTED”

Joey Flats’ latest track “WASTED” is a surprising departure from the rapper’s previous work. Tapping into an alternative rock nerve, the song’s electric sounds and heartfelt vibes will delight dedicated fans and newcomers alike. Check out the song below:

“WASTED” is a well composed song with catchy hooks, clean guitars and fluid vocals all wrapped up in top-notch production. The immersive lyrics give a sense of desperation, which leads to multiple listens, leaving a lasting impact on the listener. The words capture a moment in a relationship and exposes the vulnerability we feel when we depend on others.

It’s always interesting to hear an artist create music in different genres. The clear production and vocal overlays found in rap and Hip-Hop come through here nicely and show that distortion and soaring guitar solos aren’t always needed to make a solid rock song. The overall sound of this track would not be out of place in a skate-pop-punk mixtape. If you’re looking for fast, youthful and awesome, look no further than “WASTED.”

We look forward to hearing more from Joey Flats and we’re curious to see what genre he jumps into next. To see and hear more of Joey, click here.

Blood Bullet Unleash New 2020 Rock Album

Indie underground rock duo Blood Bullet return with a stack of 16 hot tracks on their latest album “Eternal Return Vol. 1: Conquered by the Past,” released this January. The songs are loud, brash, sometimes sinister, but always focused on keeping the beats rolling and the riffs flowing without straying into the world of experimentation or reflection.


“Eternal Return Vol. 1” is the LA band’s third release on the XV Empire label and first since 2016. In addition to Isiah Zombie’s cryptic vocals and Brandon Dean’s signature guitar playing, Blood Bullet has recruited Andrei Skliarov to perform bass on all songs to fill out the low end. Their combined efforts result in a full sound not heard before in the BB canon.

“The addition of bass from our friend Andy is really what separates this album from our previous releases,” Isiah Zombie says. “It makes us sound closer to a full band.”

The story behind the concept album tells of a war between the zombies and vampires in a distant land as they fight for the last remaining humans to devour. Ultimately, the story is in place to string along the narrative but not entirely necessary to understand for enjoying the music.

Artwork and rendition by Nahuel Amaya

Overall, anyone looking for a punk-infused hard rock journey should look no further than Blood Bullet’s “Eternal Return Vol. 1.” Check out BB’s Soundcloud to listen to the album in full and check out their CDBaby to purchase for $9.99.

Although this album has just come out, Blood Bullet is already working on Vol. 2 for a 2021 release.

Great Shapes – New Single Release

Great Shapes’ new single “Losing My Mind” was released to show off the groovy, upbeat rock that is their sophomore album “Somewhere in Between,” released in June. Check out the track here:

The El Paso-native alternative-pop group Great Shapes’ new seven-track album is full of luscious fresh melodies made for the mainstream to kick back and enjoy. The single “Losing My Mind” is energizing track that shows off Neil Henry’s soothing vocals and funky guitar licks that he wrote shortly after completing the first album. The group returned home from touring and needed to release all the leftover energy they had, so in writing the song, they injected personal, emotional aspects of their lives and managed to pump out this edgy party starter. The song was an instant hit when the band first played it live and has already become a fan favorite.

The rest of the album also follows in the footsteps of “Losing My Mind” with body-moving drum rhythms and foot-tapping basslines. The album was influenced by post-punk and indie-pop and takes on the themes of love, disenchantment, and the effect that time has on everything.

unnamed (2)
Image via Great Shapes

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Blisterhead – EP Review

A brand-new Blisterhead EP titled “Border Control” is out now and that means everyone who enjoys 50s rock ‘n’ roll and 70s punk rock are in for a real treat. Check out the title track “Border Control” here:

Released on May 19, the new EP shows off why this band was well respected in the Swedish street punk movement. It was recorded live in The Panic Room Studio together with Thomas “Plec” Johansson and features fast-paced guitars and bold messages that fuse together and inject firepower through the EP’s four tracks. The theme throughout the EP questions the current situation for refugees in Europe and how the political world mistreats and excludes people, giving the EP a sense of purpose. The overall sound experience is exactly tailor made for fans of bands such as The Ramones, The Clash and Rancid.

The opening track “Border Control” immediately lets you know what you’re in for. It’s fast pounding drums and rhythmic basslines compliment swirling guitars and made-for-punk vocals complete with a catchy chorus. The song is an accurate portrayal of the EP’s sound and is a great opener to get listeners juiced up for what’s to come.

“Valley of the Dead” follows up with a prominent bass opening by bassist Andreas Emanuelsson. The lines “We will never be free” show the band’s lyrical approach of struggling against higher powers, a necessary ingredient in any punk revolution. Two songs in and Blisterhead does not disappoint in delivering quality choruses wrapped up in energetic performances by all band members.

Photo provided by Blisterhead

The third track “Blood On Your Face” is also a head banger and it really shows off Erik Törnqvist and Kim Nilsson vocals and guitar work as they combine their talents by harmonizing well during the chorus. Closing the EP is “System Overload,” which continues the introspective lyrical approach that questions the government. “We’re all to blame for the mess we created” speaks true of the situation the EP tackles, and the bold nature of the lyrics really add depth to the songs. The guitar solo is this track is up-beat and the drums are as solid as they can be, leaving you with a feeling of wanting to listen to all again and again. Though the EP is short, it provides just enough to get you interested in checking out more of their discography if you haven’t already.

In the end, if you’re a true hard-core punk fan, it’s a no-brainer: “Border Control” is a definite purchase. Blisterhead is known for taking riffs and basslines from different eras and providing the best punk experience you can get in today’s world.

The vinyl issue is distributed by Dead Lamb Records (Ireland), Dirty Old Man Records (England), Rock Em Dead Records (England) and Punkebjartes Punkeplattor (Norge). Cramada is handling the digital release through Sound Pollution Distribution, Phonofile (Nordic countries) and The Orchard (worldwide).

Blisterhead - Border Control - Artwork.jpg
Blisterhead EP artwork

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Grown Up Avenger Stuff – Song Review

Charlotte-based indie-punk band Grown Up Avenger Stuff’s new track “A.I.M.” is filled with high energy and raw emotions. If you’re looking for a new musical addiction to sink your teeth into, check out the band’s track here:

“A.I.M.” harkens back to when alternative rock was king, taking the best from a decade known for its willingness to simply rock without unnecessary theatrics. Although the song shares similarities to memorable tracks of the 90s, the band is not merely content with taking what worked in the past, but rather using the pop hooks and heavy punk vibes as a foundation to do their own thing. The result is a welcomed fresh take on the familiar.

Ray Stern’s vocals are clear and addicting, delivered with authority and incorporating lyrics that read as an anecdote to common life: “Just put the past behind you / step into the stance / of the present moment.” It adds an introspective element needed to become more memorable than other songs that focus on just head-banging and pyrotechnics. John Thomsen blisters away on guitar while his sons Hunter (bass) and Tyler (drums/percussion) carry the rhythm section and all members shine equally without one taking over the spotlight. There truly is a sense of unity that makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

The band worked with Mark Needham, an engineer with a track record that includes working with The Killers, Shakira, Stevie Nicks, and Chris Isaak, among others. The production is clean and crisp and makes us want to hit ‘repeat’ as soon as the song ends. If “A.I.M.” is a snapshot to where the band is heading, then sign us up for the ride.

Image via Grown Up Avenger Stuff

Grown Up Avenger Stuff has been breaking out onto the scene like wildfire and we want to see where the road burns next. It’s not hard to believe they will establish themselves as a premier act in no time. The music landscape is in dire need of true, genuine rock, and Grown Up Avenger Stuff looks to be filling in the void nicely. To stay up to date with the band, follow them on Reverbnation, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, and their official site.