Joey Flats Delivers a Hit with “WASTED”

Joey Flats’ latest track “WASTED” is a surprising departure from the rapper’s previous work. Tapping into an alternative rock nerve, the song’s electric sounds and heartfelt vibes will delight dedicated fans and newcomers alike. Check out the song below: “WASTED” is a well composed song with catchy hooks, clean guitars and fluid vocals all … Continue reading Joey Flats Delivers a Hit with “WASTED”

Blood Bullet Unleash New 2020 Rock Album

Indie underground rock duo Blood Bullet return with a stack of 16 hot tracks on their latest album "Eternal Return Vol. 1: Conquered by the Past," released this January. The songs are loud, brash, sometimes sinister, but always focused on keeping the beats rolling and the riffs flowing without straying into the world of experimentation … Continue reading Blood Bullet Unleash New 2020 Rock Album

Great Shapes – New Single Release

Great Shapes’ new single “Losing My Mind” was released to show off the groovy, upbeat rock that is their sophomore album “Somewhere in Between,” released in June. Check out the track here: The El Paso-native alternative-pop group Great Shapes’ new seven-track album is full of luscious fresh melodies made for the mainstream to kick … Continue reading Great Shapes – New Single Release

Blisterhead – EP Review

A brand-new Blisterhead EP titled “Border Control” is out now and that means everyone who enjoys 50s rock ‘n’ roll and 70s punk rock are in for a real treat. Check out the title track “Border Control” here: Released on May 19, the new EP shows off why this band was well respected in … Continue reading Blisterhead – EP Review

Grown Up Avenger Stuff – Song Review

Charlotte-based indie-punk band Grown Up Avenger Stuff’s new track “A.I.M.” is filled with high energy and raw emotions. If you’re looking for a new musical addiction to sink your teeth into, check out the band’s track here: “A.I.M.” harkens back to when alternative rock was king, taking the best from a decade known for … Continue reading Grown Up Avenger Stuff – Song Review