Great Shapes – New Single Release

Great Shapes’ new single “Losing My Mind” was released to show off the groovy, upbeat rock that is their sophomore album “Somewhere in Between,” released in June. Check out the track here:

The El Paso-native alternative-pop group Great Shapes’ new seven-track album is full of luscious fresh melodies made for the mainstream to kick back and enjoy. The single “Losing My Mind” is energizing track that shows off Neil Henry’s soothing vocals and funky guitar licks that he wrote shortly after completing the first album. The group returned home from touring and needed to release all the leftover energy they had, so in writing the song, they injected personal, emotional aspects of their lives and managed to pump out this edgy party starter. The song was an instant hit when the band first played it live and has already become a fan favorite.

The rest of the album also follows in the footsteps of “Losing My Mind” with body-moving drum rhythms and foot-tapping basslines. The album was influenced by post-punk and indie-pop and takes on the themes of love, disenchantment, and the effect that time has on everything.

unnamed (2)
Image via Great Shapes

To stay up to date with all things Great Shapes, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.

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