Pit Best – Band Interview

London group Pit Best has released a series of self-described cinematic-indie tracks that blend electronic textures with vintage amps. Pit Best spoke with ETV about where they met, how they approach their songs, and why they make music. https://soundcloud.com/pit-best-1/snow The band is made up of Limak (guitar, vocals, electric piano, sound effects), George (drums), and Rob … Continue reading Pit Best – Band Interview

Port Juvee – New Music Video

Canadian post-punk outfit Port Juvee has released a new music video for their track “Double Vision.” Check out the retro spaced-aged nostalgia here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P-WwoyKyHs The quintet band said about the video's art direction, "There's a somber, almost haunting feel to the focus and intensity of the astronauts as they slowly go through the paces, preparing to be … Continue reading Port Juvee – New Music Video