Beta Days – New Single Release

Rhode Island-based Beta Days has released their single “Agendas” from the upcoming album “S.T.T.” coming out June 23. Check out the mellow yet uplifting track here:

Beta Days is the one-man project of Bill Bierce, who serves as songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The project came to Bierce when he decided he wanted to do more than just play for Boston rock band The Wandas. He ended the four-year stint and starting on his own, writing and recording everything from scratch. Through many intense late-night writing sessions and an overall nocturnal lifestyle, Bierce recorded the full-length album titled “S.T.T.” standing for Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, an acronym for the days of the week they would record. Throughout 2015 in his private studio in Rhode Island, Bierce and his friend Andrew Grant would eventually go on to finish the album in mid-2016.

Photo via Beta Days

The result is a collection of songs that are thought-provoking and elicit feelings of isolation, the ups-and-downs of relationships, and the hardships of youth and adult life. Bierce expanded the project into a live band shortly after completing the record, including his ex-Wandas bandmate Keith McEachern on bass. Now with a distinct sound and a proper release completed, Beta Days are looking to take their music to the next level.

Photo via Beta Days

To stay up to date with all things Beta Days, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and their official site.

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