Aubergine MACHINE – New Video Release

Aubergine MACHINE has released a new music video for its track “U People” off the “Wildlife EP.” Check out the video here:

Consisting of multi-platinum selling producer Ian Carey and newcomer vocalist Shanti Ellis who connected in 2012, Aubergine MACHINE’s approach to music comes from ‘90s Hip-Hop and pop productions mixed with soothing yet haunting vocals. The video shrouds Shanti in smoke as the music takes hold of her, giving viewers a look into the group’s darker, deeper side.

“It was sometime during the end of 2015 that we started to feel like we needed to take some time to revel in some personal dark space and write about stuff, personal stuff,” the band said of the video. “We started writing ‘U People.’ Somehow in the end, we thought that the darkness felt and sounded more like resilience. When it came time to do the video a year and a half later, there were so many images that came to mind. Political things. Big things. Small things. But in the end, we felt like sticking to our original feeling of that dark space and that’s what we did. We found a dark cozy spot and filmed ourselves.”

The “Wildlife EP” the track comes from follows suit in capturing mystical sounds accompanied by personal lyrics. As the band said, the EP “creates visions of a dystopian rebellion sprinkled with a little stardust,” showing there is always a little hope even in troubling times.

To stay up to date with Aubergine MACHINE, be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

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