“Ascendant Sea” is a Great Travel Album for the Road

As more people become familiar with Nocturnal Omissions’ music, they’ll soon learn that each release has its own identity and artistic agenda. The 2019 release of “Ascendant Sea” is an interesting album, as each song had a geographic place that influenced it. Check out the album below:

Hearing this album directly after Nocturnal Omissions’ 2006 album “Divine Atrocities” is a bit jarring as they sound from two completely different artists. Where the former was the music to a late-night rave, the latter is the dawn of crisp, Spring day, just as the Eastern horizon fills with sunlight. Every song thereafter represents the backdrop between destinations on a road trip of audio delight.

“Aural Turbulence” is a rocking intro and lets us know we’re in for something new. The sinister tone is dark and edgy with lots of flavor in the drum mix. Midway through, electronica elements are thrown into the fray reminiscent of dubstep that is sure to ramp up the crowd at a festival. The track is somewhat of an anomaly, as the rest of the album is less reliant on pronounced synth leads.

“International Dateline” has a killer groove and nicely layered guitars provide a robust driving force. It’s the perfect song to roll down the window to and let the breeze flow through your hair. Nocturnal Omissions demonstrates he is talented at writing music with all kinds of instruments, such as the piano undertones that add sophistication to this tune. “Alpine Train” presents a mid-tempo, synth-laden ambiance to relax to with an atmosphere that is other worldly and a perfect vibe for a cocktail on the beach. The groove continues hard here due to the catchy percussion. This song could work well as background music for a travel documentary–and that’s what “Ascendant Sea” is as its core. The theme of traveling is strong and the focus isn’t on where we’re going, but the journey itself.

“Cascading Mountains” sounds 80s retro with its razor edge synth bass. The song has a fast tempo to keep you jovial yet the chord progressions give off mystifying-induced feelings. The guitar strums add a nice touch to this delightful ear treat.

One of the standout tracks is “Casa De Cielo,” as it’s another example of well-done mixing and mastering to make all the instruments sound clear and have their moment to shine. The string arrangement is a pleasant touch and takes the song to the next level. And we can’t forget about “Cruising Altitude,” which features funky guitar lines—the best on the album.

Overall, the tracks work well in sequence, offering very rhythmic beats, multi-layered guitars, and head-bobbing baselines. With inspiration coming from artists such as Tycho, TigerMilk (from Mainline Entertainment), Fleetwood Mac and No More Nations, the songs themselves are upbeat, though they can be subdued at times with piano and keyboard leads that offer a more contemplative approach. Each song provides distinct sounds on this unique trip and when it’s all done, you’ll remember every stop along the way. Next time you’re going cruising, listen to “Ascendant Sea” on your way to freedom.

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Beta Days – New Single Release

Rhode Island-based Beta Days has released their single “Agendas” from the upcoming album “S.T.T.” coming out June 23. Check out the mellow yet uplifting track here:

Beta Days is the one-man project of Bill Bierce, who serves as songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The project came to Bierce when he decided he wanted to do more than just play for Boston rock band The Wandas. He ended the four-year stint and starting on his own, writing and recording everything from scratch. Through many intense late-night writing sessions and an overall nocturnal lifestyle, Bierce recorded the full-length album titled “S.T.T.” standing for Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, an acronym for the days of the week they would record. Throughout 2015 in his private studio in Rhode Island, Bierce and his friend Andrew Grant would eventually go on to finish the album in mid-2016.

Photo via Beta Days

The result is a collection of songs that are thought-provoking and elicit feelings of isolation, the ups-and-downs of relationships, and the hardships of youth and adult life. Bierce expanded the project into a live band shortly after completing the record, including his ex-Wandas bandmate Keith McEachern on bass. Now with a distinct sound and a proper release completed, Beta Days are looking to take their music to the next level.

Photo via Beta Days

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City of Beverly Hills 2017 Concerts on Canon – Local Event

The City of Beverly Hills 2017 Concerts on Canon will commence on June 8 all the way through August 31 providing a total of 13 concerts at the Beverly Hills Canon Gardens.

Photo provided by City of Beverly Hills

The free outdoor concert will feature a host of bands throughout the month including Eric E’s Boogie-Woogie band, a 10-piece swing, jump, blues and boogie-woogie band known for playing the classic covers from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and moderns songs for everyone to enjoy, as well as other bands including The Tokens (Doo-Wop), Les Zazous (French Bistro Jazz), and the Tom Nolan Band (Motown). For the full summer lineup, see down below:

  • June 8              Eric E Ensemble – Big Band/Swing
  • June 15            The Tokens – Doo-Wop
  • June 22            Amber and Smoke – Acoustic Pop Duo
  • June 29            Act Three – Broadway Tunes
  • July 6              Rod Lightning and the Thunderbolts of Love – Classic Rock Covers
  • July 13            The Hodads – Beach Boy Covers
  • July 20             Les Zazous – French Bistro Jazz
  • July 27             Tom Nolan Band – Motown
  • August 3         Big Butter Jazz Band – New Orleans Jazz Swing
  • August 10       Leslie Paula and the Latin Soul Band – Latin Salsa
  • August 17       Stephen Wise Temple Musical Singers Salute The Summer
  • August 24       Joyce Marie – Brazilian Jazz
  • August 31       Rod Lightning and the Thunderbolts of Love – Classic Rock Covers

Photo provided by City of Beverly Hills

Two 45-minute sets at 6 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. will offer loads of fun an opportunity to dance the night away. Seating is available on a first-served basis and the garden’s large grassy area will allow for picnic dining or purchasing a boxed meal from a nearby restaurant.

For a night of Swing, R&B, Broadway tunes and more, be sure to check out the City of Beverly Hills 2017 Concerts on Canon, located on Canon Drive between the Montage Hotel and Bouchon Restaurant. Parking is available adjacent to Beverly Canon Gardens.

Photo provided by City of Beverly Hills

For more information, visit www.beverlyhills.org/concertsoncanon.  To learn about other events in Beverly Hills, visit www.beverlyhills.org.

Vox Eagle – New Single Release

Aussie-American duo Vox Eagle recently released its new single “Come Over” that will have you dancing to its upbeat electronic charms. Check out the song here:

The electro-psych pop duo consists of Andy Crosby and Luke Hamel, who formed in the summer of 2015 and are ready to release anEP’s worth of synth-driving songs carried by experimental beats. The two met while on tour in a previous band and since then, they have drawn out the best from each other. Hamel said, “I think the reason the songs are turning out to have some flavor and depth is that Andy and I share a core of stuff we both love dearly.”

The EP was recorded across the country from Colorado, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and more locales, all in different locations such as hotels, trains and planes using the band’s mobile recording rig. They took control of the entire recording process and self-produced the record. This approach has given the duo to ability to explore new ideas in different environments, something not readily available for many artists.

“I think the new locations help to keep the music fresh to us and to inspire different ideas while keeping us focused exclusively on the songs and not distracted by our respective lives,” said Hamel.

Their first single “No Sleep” was a pop-friendly, upbeat California-style club hit that put them on the map as a group who could provide catchy rhythms accessible to everyone. Check out the track here:

Their upcoming EP is set for release on May 26. To stay up to date with all things Vox Eagle, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and their official site.

Anieszka – Solo Artist Interview

Born in Papua New Guinea, Australian-native Anieszka has been making waves with her latest single “Vibe” released earlier this month. Today, Anieszka spoke with ETV about her musical influences growing up, the making behind some of her songs, and why she thinks 2017 will be her year.

Growing up, Anieszka said she listened to a wide variety of music, especially Bob Marley, citing his “Legend” albums as one of her all-time favorites. Alicia Keys was the female artist that had a profound effect on her songwriting due to her ability to not be afraid to sing about the truth. This is something Anieszka has taken and applied to her own music so that her listeners can feel the authenticity in her songs.

“Coming from a Mauritian background, I also listened to a lot of Sega (Mauritian music) and seggae (Mauritian infused reggae), so I was surrounded by those island sounds from a very young age,” Anieszka said. “Apart from that, R&B was very popular in our household. My brother and sister would always be playing that good old school R&B so that really shaped my music preferences. The classics weren’t too far, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder are also huge influences for me, they really embody what it is to be an artist and speak through music.”

Her interest in music and performing comes from an early age, as Anieszka recalls performing in front of a live audience for the first time at age 9 where she sang a verse of “Wind Beneath My Wings” at school.

“I remember feeling so nervous right before I started singing, but once I was singing, I felt so at home,” Anieszka said.

She would go on to sing in larger school talent shows and would give her first real singing debut at a five-star hotel in Fiji as a guest, which happened to be an impromptu performance.

“The band found out I sang and asked me to sing a set,” Anieszka said. “Before I knew it, there I was singing ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ by Alicia Keys in front of a big, foreign crowd. It was an amazing feeling. I feel like I am my truest self when I am singing and performing, it’s who I am.”

Photography: The Jitana

By the time she became 14, she had decided to take her music to the next level. Her brother was making music at the time and she walked into his room demanding that he give her a beat to write to. She wound up writing “Boy,” a track produced by her brother Steffan Rayne in 2008. The song made it to German charts and on local radio stations in Sydney, Australia. Preview the beginning of it all with “Boy” here.

“My brother listened to what I wrote and had that ‘wow this is actually good’ look in his eyes,” Anieszka said. “He tweaked it a little and ‘Boy’ was born. The song was fresh and people were loving it. As a young’n who was starting to notice guys more and more, I found that guys my age lacked confidence and chivalry, so the song reflected what the ‘perfect boy’ would be like.”

Through the success of the song and having it played on national radio, she knew she wanted to pursue singing as a career. She released her self-titled EP in 2012 featuring five songs, including “Boy,” and soon after she released “How I like It” and collaborated with Dominican producer Eduardo Baldera on the dance/house single “Lost in You,” which was a unique change in sound for her. During this time, she also got the opportunity to be a co-host on a local radio station.

“I co-hosted a radio show in Mauritius and it was awesome, we spoke about music and life, and I got to do a few acapella covers on live radio.” Anieszka said. “It was my birthday the next day so they brought a cake in as a surprise and this all went down while we were live so all the reactions were 100 percent real and I loved it. It really teaches you to be comfortable in your own skin, be aware of what you say, how you speak and to think quick. I learnt to trust myself more through the experience, and to let go so I could have fun.”

Photography: GZee Pix

Later in 2012, Anieszka chose to take a break from music to understand herself better as an individual. She said that being engrossed in music and the industry from age 14 to 18 while in school didn’t give her a chance to truly know herself, something she thinks is vital for making real music. She wanted to feel inspired again to reconnect with what music really meant to her and with what she wanted to achieve with music and her voice.

“In my time away, I traveled, I spent time with my family, friends, I spent time with my spiritual teacher (Amma, also known as the Hugging Saint) and really connected with myself on a soul level,” Anieszka said. “I became a clearer version of myself. I spent 2 months in India which opened my eyes to a different world and understanding of life, then I spent time in Mauritius, which is my home country, and felt so blessed to experience my island and reconnect with my culture. Spending time in New York, London, Paris – that was just as amazing, but in different ways. Traveling enriches you as a person and lets your mind expand and grow.

“I also learnt more about meditation, made new friends, fell in love, had my heart broken, became self-reliant, let go of the need to be perfect with my music or to look a certain way, and grew to appreciate my own company. In appreciating my own company, that’s where the real, raw songwriting came through, and some of these songs will be on the album.”

Through her newfound experiences, she has evolved her songwriting and recently released the track “Vibe,” which she describes as a fun summer jam that is a blend of electro pop and R&B and dance. Enjoy the good vibes here:

“I’ve come up with a tag line for it: ‘Vibe is like watermelon, it’s the perfect match for summer,” Anieszka said. “For me, when you vibe with something or someone, could be pizza or Drake, you connect with it, there’s a natural flow. And music, well that’s a vibe of its own. Often, we come across things that we vibe with day-to-day, but coming across someone that you vibe with on a number of levels is a rarity. Mixed in with sharing a musical and physical connection, it’s the ‘perfect vibe’. When I wrote the song, I pictured a sunny, care-free day where you’ve broken free from everything holding you back, your body’s moving to this amazing music and you’re really connecting with someone. As time passes by, you’re both vibing –  mentally, physically and musically – and it’s a whole experience – that’s what ‘Vibe’ is about.”

With new music on the way, Anieszka feels like 2017 will be her year, stating that “Vibe” is only the beginning with much more to come. She said the next single she is currently working on is more in line with the R&B/soul music she wants to make.

“This next track may form as part of an EP, or I may continue working on more music and put it towards an album,” Anieszka said. “Either way – there’s more music coming. I’m also currently working on a small project with another artist, so keep a lookout. Hopefully, by this time next year, I’ll have an album out, be touring and my name will be known.”

Anieszka will be working on her album while traveling around to take in different sounds and cultures for inspiration. She is looking forward to experiencing music in different countries with different people, and ETV is excited to see what’s next in store for all of her future ventures!

To stay up to date with all things Anieszka, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, and her official website.

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