Vox Eagle – New Single Release

Aussie-American duo Vox Eagle recently released its new single “Come Over” that will have you dancing to its upbeat electronic charms. Check out the song here:

The electro-psych pop duo consists of Andy Crosby and Luke Hamel, who formed in the summer of 2015 and are ready to release anEP’s worth of synth-driving songs carried by experimental beats. The two met while on tour in a previous band and since then, they have drawn out the best from each other. Hamel said, “I think the reason the songs are turning out to have some flavor and depth is that Andy and I share a core of stuff we both love dearly.”

The EP was recorded across the country from Colorado, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and more locales, all in different locations such as hotels, trains and planes using the band’s mobile recording rig. They took control of the entire recording process and self-produced the record. This approach has given the duo to ability to explore new ideas in different environments, something not readily available for many artists.

“I think the new locations help to keep the music fresh to us and to inspire different ideas while keeping us focused exclusively on the songs and not distracted by our respective lives,” said Hamel.

Their first single “No Sleep” was a pop-friendly, upbeat California-style club hit that put them on the map as a group who could provide catchy rhythms accessible to everyone. Check out the track here:

Their upcoming EP is set for release on May 26. To stay up to date with all things Vox Eagle, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and their official site.

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