Matt Koelsch – New Single Release

Singer-songwriter Matt Koelsch released his single “Perfectly Aligned” off his upcoming EP “Thinking of You” coming out on July 1. Check it the summer song here:

Koelsch’s latest EP is titled “Thinking of You” and was co-produced with Eugene Toale, who has worked with Kanye West and Las Cafeteras. Koelsch’s story is a bit different than most singer-songwriters who aspire to go into music at a young age. Koelsch decided to move away from his anchored position in the world of finance during the height of the recession into the often-chaotic realm that is the music industry.

“I walked out of the doors of the financial building in Post Office square, I had this feeling of an enormous sense of relief, freedom and uncertainty,” Koelsch said.

He has been pursuing his passion as a full-time recording and performance artist in Los Angeles, and his first EP reflects his 3,000-mile distance from his homeland in New England. This release shows Koelsch’s epic vocals and emotional lyrics that tell stories of loss and gains and his adventures of growing up.

“Being in this setting during my late 20s early 30s has affected my writing because it has made me more vulnerable,” said Koelsch. “There is more time and space to explore and discover when you are in a completely new and foreign setting, removed from the comforts of your close network of relationships.”

His track “Perfectly Aligned” has a laid-back Latin sound that would be perfect to listen to while on the beach. Perhaps the song’s inspiration stems from his new So-Cal surroundings and Koelsch does a good job at adding his own style to the indie-folk genre with catchy vocals and upbeat instrumentations. There’s no doubt that Koelsch will continue to rise and he’s already on the right track by winning a scholarship to Berklee College of Music and sharing the stage with bands such as REM and Pink Floyd.

To stay up to date with Matt Koelsch, be sure to check him out on Facebook, Instagram, and his official website.

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