Matt Koelsch – New Single Release

Singer-songwriter Matt Koelsch released his single “Perfectly Aligned” off his upcoming EP "Thinking of You" coming out on July 1. Check it the summer song here: Koelsch’s latest EP is titled “Thinking of You” and was co-produced with Eugene Toale, who has worked with Kanye West and Las Cafeteras. Koelsch’s story is a bit … Continue reading Matt Koelsch – New Single Release

Easy Star All-Stars Concert Review

The Echoplex welcomed reggae bands The Elovators, The Late Ones, and Easy Star All-Stars on Memorial Day 2017 as the three bands embark on their West Coast Tour. Opening the show was The Elovators from Boston, Massachusetts, who brought the beach sounds from the east coast to this side of the country on their first … Continue reading Easy Star All-Stars Concert Review

Mascarada – New Single Release

Latin psychedelic rock duo Mascarada released their debut single “Conéstame.” Check out the Latin grooves here: Mascarada members Leana Courtney and Shawn Grindle got the idea for creating a new Latin psych rock band while driving along the I-10 from Phoenix to Los Angeles. Together, they co-write all the songs together as they both … Continue reading Mascarada – New Single Release