Mascarada – New Single Release

Latin psychedelic rock duo Mascarada released their debut single “Conéstame.” Check out the Latin grooves here:

Mascarada members Leana Courtney and Shawn Grindle got the idea for creating a new Latin psych rock band while driving along the I-10 from Phoenix to Los Angeles. Together, they co-write all the songs together as they both come up with music and Leana adding vocals. In the studio, they took their 60s psych-pop influences from the likes of Pink Floyd and The Beatles and went all in creating enough material to complete a full-length album. Their self-titled debut is coming out May 9, with plans for a follow up record in 2017.

To experience Mascarada live, check out their debut show at The Hotel Café on May 9, located at 1623 Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028. For tickets click here and also check out their Facebook, TwitterInstagram and official website.

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