SX – New Video Release (2)

Belgium’s pop duo SX has shared its artistic video for “Shimona” last month to the joy of many. Watch the Avant-garde video here:

The video was partially recorded at Botopasi, a small village located at the Suriname River in the Amazon Forest, showing off the wilderness in all of its twisted, natural beauty. Directed by Benjamin Desmet, “Shimona” was set on displaying the raw feeling of missing someone or something that was cherished.

All music videos and artwork by SX are made by the duo themselves including all the film, editing, and 3D visual arts. They also created the artistic platform “Community X” together with Harvey Bouterse for all of their creative outputs.

Photo provided by SX

The song was part of SX’s recent “Alphabet” release, the pop duo’s second outing that let everyone know what members Stefanie Callebaut and Desmet were really made of. Their sound is a mix of the natural presentation of human emotions with the futurized vibes of digital elements; a sound that has captivated a large, loyal following.

To be up to date with all things SX, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube, and their official site.

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