zenxienz – Album Review

Hong Kong-born musician, producer, and songwriter, Cameron Williamson, aka zenxienz, has released his second full-length album for 2017 titled “Brainforest” on August 4. Listen to the album on Bandcamp here:   The opening track “Insignia” is a full burst instrumental rife with colorful sounds that mix both electronic and tribal-sounding drums, enchanting piano and an … Continue reading zenxienz – Album Review

Mantra Love – New Single Release

Houston-based Mantra Love has released the new single “Strawberry Milk.” Check out the indie psychedelic track here: https://soundcloud.com/mantralove/strawberry-milk The song explores the idea of examining one’s own faults, and as the band said, “the idea that the faults we see in others may actually be things we dislike about ourselves.” The song provides a lucid … Continue reading Mantra Love – New Single Release

The Human Experience – New Album Release

The Human Experience released the album “Broken Open” which reached #2 on Bandcamp’s best-selling chart, remaining at the top for two weeks. Check out the title track's chill vibes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdCUSUai5rE David Block is the mastermind behind The Human Experience, his principal project where he serves as the electronic composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. His music is … Continue reading The Human Experience – New Album Release