Woodes – New Video Release

Melbourne artist and producer Woodes has released a new music video for the ethereal track “Rise.” Check out the soothing and spiritual display here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO7-ullJyio The video for “Rise” follows Woodes through a natural and magical world where she teaches other to rise within the unique landscapes that were shot on location in New South Wales … Continue reading Woodes – New Video Release

BROADHURST – New Music Video

Nick BROADHURST has released a new music video for his dramatic ballad “Bones.” Check out the fight club scene video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFe6zpKPv3E The video takes the piano driven melody and adds a tough trials and tribulation story that stars BROADHURST, who trained six weeks for the role, and Igor Breakenback, who is best known for … Continue reading BROADHURST – New Music Video

Woodes – New EP Release

Australian producer, singer and songwriter Woodes recently released her soulful track “The Thaw” with a somber yet uplifting music video to accompany it. Now the track is getting fresh remixes with the help of three up-and-coming talents that take Woodes’ original idea into fresh new directions. Check out the SODF remix here: https://soundcloud.com/so-df/the-thaw-sodf-remix?in=woodes/sets/the-thaw-remixes To help with the remixes, … Continue reading Woodes – New EP Release

Jake Meadows – New EP Release

Sydney-native singer, multi-instrumentalist and harpist Jake Meadows has released his new EP “Good Company” which features mellow electronic tranquility that reflects his introspective emotions. “Good Company” features vocals from Daniel Johns (Silverchair) on every track. Check out the lead single “Echo of Tomorrow” here: https://soundcloud.com/jakemeadowsmusic/jake-meadows-feat-daniel-johnsecho-of-tomorrow Meadows returned home from an inspiring trip to Spain and Ibiza … Continue reading Jake Meadows – New EP Release