The Mynabirds – New Album Release

The Mynabirds have released a new album titled “Be Here Now” released on August 25. Check out the video for one of its tracks, “Cocoon,” here:

“Be Here Now” is a collection of nine songs written and recorded in January 2017 over the course of two weeks following the Inauguration and the Women’s March. Singer Laura Burhenn worked with producer Patrick Damphier in his Nashville studio to create an album that documented the controversial news and reaction to everything that was transpiring. The song “Cocoon” is about connecting with people and also wanting to seclude oneself from all the hate and political news happening every day. Despite the harsh realities we live, Burhenn feels optimist about the music community.

“It’s a funny time right now where I feel like the music community feels stronger and safer than ever,” Burhenn said. “I feel closer to everyone, and I think we have each other’s backs more than we did this time last year. That seems really hopeful to me.”

Check out the infectious new-wave inspired dance track “Shouting At The Dark” here:

To stay up to date with The Mynabirds, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, and their official site.

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