Bryan Stave – New Single Release

Bryan Stave has released a new track titled “Chasing Platinum.” Check out the song here:

Bryan grew up in Greenfield, Wisconsin, where he played all kinds of sports from football to basketball. He would go on to coach high school basketball and at different universities where he would spend summers on the road, a place where he realized his passion for music. He found himself playing guitar and singing in his assigned dorm room between camp sessions. He began writing and performing pop songs around his college town of Madison, Wisconsin, which drew comparisons to the likes of Jason Mraz and Hunter Hayes.

Bryan began working on his first EP, which was completed in the summer of 2015.  He then settled on Nashville, Tennessee as his new home, and shortly thereafter, connected with producer Christian Davis of Sony Records.

Image via Bryan Stave / Marty Wayne Photography

The new single “Chasing Platinum” is a song about an artist who is successful with his music but struggling with the demands of the job and the unavailability of spending time with his girl. Bryan said he is looking into his own future and how he’ll have to balance his musical life with his personal relationships.

Stay up to date with Bryan Stave at Facebook, Twitter, and his official site.

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