Voldo Blanka – New Video Release

Canadian electronic artist Voldo Blanka released a new music video for his first single “Go Your Way” from his recently released album “Nuns Enjoy a Mandman.” Check out the track here:

Directed by Nathan Kim, the video was shot in the dark and grungy alleys of Los Angeles and features actors Stewart and Judson Emery as they reunite after exploring the depths of the city. The artistic yet reality-based video fits the melody driven single, which is built around a classical piano line and features haunting electro-vocals that take you to space. The inventive instrumentation is reminiscent to the likes of Hundred Waters or Chromatics and is a track to be played repeatedly to the end of the year.

Voldo Blanks is the moniker of Neu Mannas, who was the frontman of alternative rock group Head of the Herd, the first band in Canadian history to have a #1 rock single without a record label. After three albums and years on the road, Neu Mannas left to hone his skills as a composer for screen. Although he falls under the umbrella of electronic, he is also a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and film composer whose concept lends itself to the realm of alternative electronica.

voldo blanka
Image via Voldo Blanka

To stay up to date with Voldo Blanka, be sure to check him out on YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, and his official site.

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