Sam-C – New Music Videos

Baltimore rapper Sam-C has released two music videos “Lost Ones” and “The 4” off his latest “Days in July” EP. Check out “Lost Ones” here:

The video for “Lost Ones” is a tribute to all those we have lost throughout our lives, and lyrically deals with the fact that this is an inevitable part of life. The Hip-Hop piano ballad delivers a message straight from the soul of the 24-year-old, who has been making music at 13 years old, after losing his mother to cancer. The combination of this, his father’s untimely absence and the reality of life as an orphan in the public system fueled him to want more out of life.

Image via Sam-C

“The 4” music video was influenced by Sam-C’s hometown Baltimore with the area code being 410.

“The lyrics describe the living conditions and mindset of inner city Baltimore natives,” Sam-C said. “Survival of the fittest being born in the fire creates the strongest weapon.”

At first music was therapeutic for Sam-C, and he created music that dealt with every aspect of life – relationships, mentalities, social topics. It didn’t take long for music to grow into a passion he wanted to create a career from, leading to the creation of his label Back Row Elite, on which he released his debut album “Days in July.” The album’s summer vibes merge old-school Hip-Hop with lyrics dealing with themes of progression and the process of moving from negative to positive mindsets.

Image via Sam-C

To stay up to date with Sam-C, check him out on Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, and his official site.

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