Vital – New Video Release

California singer-songwriter Vital has released a new music video for his electro-charged single “Finito.” Check out the pop-laden thriller here:

The song is similar in sound to the likes of Blood Orange of Future Islands with its soulful energy and takes inspiration from a vast musical spectrum. The video is a gruesome tale with a sad end for Vital, as he is carried off in a body bag leaving us to wonder how he got there and who the killer is.

“The video is a morbid depiction of my thoughts and imagination,” Vital said. “Out with the old and in with the new.”

On the new album, Vital said he wanted to inject a shot of adrenaline into the predictable radio playlists of today. Although he rarely listens to the radio, Vital’s name is his opinion on the value of music to the world.

“I always knew I had a voice, but I never wanted to use it because of the things that I was going through,” Vital said. “Because I was angry, I wanted to express myself through Hip-Hop instead. It was really rough growing up. So I didn’t want to sing it to you; I wanted to rap it to you.”

The song sees Vital straying a bit away from Hip-Hop as makes the decision to use the full range of his voice with the intent of making music that lasts for a long time.

“I’m really not all about the cliché stuff. My aim is to make timeless music. Music that will still sound fresh 20 years from now. I’m done with trying to make trendy music that’s only good for right now.”

Image via Vital

To stay up to date with Vital, check him out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and his official site.

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