The Cult Collective – New Single Release

The Cult Collective have recently released its track “Bizzy Lizzy” from its upcoming EP coming out in spring this year. Check out the alternative rocker here:

The band consists of Jake Goodman (vocals/guitar), Dale Medlicott (backing vocal/bass) and Ben Gibbs (backing vocal/drums) from Birmingham/Coventry in the UK. With influences that range from The Strokes, Queens of the Stone Age, Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, it’s no surprise The Cult Collective’s sound is rooted in post-punk, indie and garage rock.

“We have been playing in bands for quite a while now either together or in separate bands, and we feel that our song writing with this band is quite reflective on our own antics through growing up, playing in bands, all the mischief and the ridiculously stupid things that happen along the way as common working class people,” the band stated.

The Cult Collective said “Bizzy Lizzy” is a song about “sleeping with someone that you shouldn’t have slept with, and having huge regrets about it after.” The song is from the band’s upcoming EP that’s been in the works since they formed about a year ago. We can’t wait for its release and we look forward to what the band has in store for the future!

Photo provided by The Cult Collective

To stay up to date with all things The Cult Collective, check them out on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Soundcloud.

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