King. B – Solo Artist Interview

Montreal-native Brendan King. B has been making waves in the rap scene after having released his album “The Reign” and his subsequent EP “First Semester” last year. Today, King. B spoke with ETV about the principles behind his musical career, the making of his EP,  and why he decided to release it for free.

King. B first got into music with a track titled “Acceptance,” something he struggled with his whole life. He was a victim of being bullied and the song was his way of letting everyone know that acceptance should be for all. Equality and identifying with one’s difference became the foundation for his musical career. The follow up song “Confidence” was made because he wanted to let people know that “they can do anything they want to do with a bit of confidence.”

Coming from a musical family, King. B is most influenced by his father Carl Hamel who has been making for 35 years and makes the instrumentation and compositions for the rapper’s tracks. More recently, King. B has been inspired by the likes of G-Eazy, Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper because they are making music exactly the way he sees himself doing it one day.

King. B’s album “The Reign” released in May 2016 and features 14 rap and Hip-Hop tracks that took him two years to complete. Check out the song “Boulevard” from the album here:

“I wanted to make it accessible to everyone while being personal on some songs such as ‘Blind,’” King. B said. “The biggest challenge was finding myself as an artist. By the end of the album I was content with my work. However, I’m still finding myself. Long nights and early mornings in the studio made for this art piece. Now, we’ll be touring with it and I’m super excited.”

With the release of King. B’s EP “First Semester” he explores the journey of recently graduating high school and entering college. The EP explores a new mature flavor of King. B and his struggles in school and love. And as an icing on the cake, the EP is available to everyone for free.

“I decided to release it for free to give back to everyone who has been supporting me,” King. B said. “I just released my first single off of my upcoming EP ‘Second Semester’ that will also be free. The college experience continues and so does the free music!”

“First Semester,” produced by Matt Mart, can be listened to here:

King. B is on the rise, so be sure to listen to his future releases as soon as they drop. As far as his message to people who may be struggling out there, King. B said, “Nothing is impossible with hard work.”

Stay up to date with all things King. B on his Twitter, YouTube, iTunes, and official website.

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