The William Shake – New EP Release

The William Shakes have released the pop-infused “The Fault” of its upcoming EP titled “How Goes the Night?” coming out on Feb. 10. Check out the alternative indie rocker here:

The William Shake is a concept and band fronted by Mark McGettrick who writes and produces all the material. McGettrick’s style in writing lyrics is the cornerstone of his musical project, where he uses David Bowie’s “cut-up” method of taking bits and pieces of words and placing them together resulting in often haphazard phrases. McGettrick has used this technique on Shakespeare’s words and characters by selecting a character, isolating their lines, randomizing their lines, curating it into new lyrics, and then composing an original melody.

The debut EP explores these five Shakespearean characters: Banquo (MacBeth), Helena (All’s Well That Ends Well), Horatio (Hamlet), Cordelia (King Lear), and Cassius (Julius Caesar). “The Fault” is based on Cassius from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and explores the relationships between fathers and sons and the responsibility they hold to one another.

The songs were conceived as an acoustic project for the February 2016 RPM Challenge (the challenge required participants to record 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material during the month of February). McGettrick added a full band to his tracks resulting in the current final product. The EP features him performs guitar, bass, percussion and vocals along with musical contributions with New York, Boston and Los Angeles artists Carrie Ingber, Rob Sistare, Matt Diekmann, and Jason Dunn.

Photo provided by The William Shake

In addition to The William Shake, McGettrick has also been featured playing drums and backing vocals on The Luxury’s 2015 album “Bones and Beaten Heart” as well as performing with Seven Sunless Days, Sugarshaped, Chromavoid, and Fade.

“How Goes the Night?” is coming out Feb. 10 so be sure to check it out upon release. To stay up to date with all things The William Shake, be sure to visit his website, Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook.

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