Four Star – New Single Release (2)

Four Star Riot are on a roll, releasing its new groovy, punchy single “Empty Space” which is sure to get the party started. This is the second single released off their upcoming album “Waves” coming out on Sept. 2. Check out the track here:

The cool pop-rocker hooks you in from the beginning and doesn’t let go until after you’ve finished dancing to every beat. The song is about adulthood, chasing dreams, falling in love and reaching goals, but finding something in the way of total satisfaction or perfection. The band is becoming synonymous with catchy choruses and feel-good vibes thanks to its soothing vocals, imaginative lyrics, and classic rock sound. Be sure to add “Empty Space” to the summer fun playlist ASAP!


Photo Credit: Laia Gore

Four Star Riot has opened for national acts such as Bon Jovi, Maroon 5, Train, Lit, Living Colour, Eve6, Jimmy Eat World, among many others, and have performed at SXSW, 97X Next Big Thing, 98Rock Livestock, as well as the Atlantis Music Fest and the Florida Music Festival. To check out their first single from “Waves,” read up on it here.


Remember to follow Four Star Riot on their website, Facebook, and YouTube.

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