My New Mixtape – New Album Release

My New Mixtape (aka Jarrett Nicolay) has announced his new album “Alone Together Forever” available for pre-order now and only available on vinyl. The pre-order includes a 12” limited edition vinyl album with an accompanying CD. The album will not be available for download or streaming. Listen to an album sampler here:

The vinyl-only release looks to recapture the essence of physical media over digital to bring back to life the joy of gathering together with friends to listen to new music in a way only vinyl can do.

“Alone Together Forever” is written and performed by one artist but flows like a mixtape through a varying array of sounds, feelings, and perspectives. The album takes on heartfelt topics such as mortality but manages to keep a pop filter through many styles, tones and textures. The diverse sounds spill into acoustic, electronic, punk, alternative, psychedelia, classic rock, and more. The album features many voices from Dan Miller (Lewis Del Mar), Olivia Mancini (Washington Social Club/Astra Via), and Brittany Jean Valint (Wall of Trophies).

Jarrett Nicolay is a staple artist in the Washington, DC music scene, performing in local bands Astra Via and Virginia Coalition. His song “2 Pretty 4 This Picture” was featured in the 2013 independent film Blue Ruin.


To stay up date with My New Mixtape, check out FacebookInstagram, and Soundcloud.

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