Native Sons – New EP Release

Native Sons will be releasing their upcoming EP “Super American” this Friday, Aug. 4. Check out the single “Lay Your Lover Down” below. The song’s got an addicting beat with dark wave influences and spacey keyboard experimentation. Thomas Fine and Justin Altamura of Native Sons released the album’s synth-heavy debut single "Lay Your Lover Down" and found … Continue reading Native Sons – New EP Release

The Great Enough – New Video Release

The Great Enough recently shared the music video to its debut single “Can You Relate?” Check out the paint-splattering video here: Featuring the rock and roll trio consisting of Bright Kelley, Brian DiBiagio, and John Hoff, The Great Enough offer a song that is serious in its message about exploring the similarities in people that brings everyone together. The video does … Continue reading The Great Enough – New Video Release