Kathryn Claire – Solo Artist Interview

Singer-songwriter Kathryn Claire released her fourth full-length, 10-track album “Bones Will Last…” that is a listening experience filled with both classical and folk influences. ETV spoke with Kathryn about the making of her half-vocal and half-instrumental album, the story behind her music video for “The Fugue,” and she offered advice for other musicians who are … Continue reading Kathryn Claire – Solo Artist Interview

Typhoid Rosie – Band Interview

Brooklyn-native Typhoid Rosie is a rock band fronted by Ivy League graduate and comedian turned singer-songwriter Rosie Rebel. Today she talked with ETV about her sense of duty to making people laugh, the meaning behind her band’s two latest singles, and her thoughts on supporting indie music. https://soundcloud.com/typhoidrosie/04-better-to-know-now “Growing up, my family didn't have money,” said … Continue reading Typhoid Rosie – Band Interview