The Solars – New Single Release

Boston indie band The Solars have released the track “Potter’s Field / Dockery” off their upcoming EP “Retitled Remastered” coming out April 21. Check out the classic folk song here:


The indie song is rooted in 60s folk with easy-picking guitars, piano, and fresh melodies telling a heartfelt story through warming vocals. The track features piano, tambourines, mandolin, synth harp and sleigh bells, all of which add a layer of texture to propel the song forward rather than complicate the overall sound. The lyrics recognize the humor in an existential relationship crisis and fit in with the whimsical nature of the song.

The band is led by Miles Hewitt and Quetzel Herzig. They released their debut single “Old K.B.” in December 2016 and quickly began to build a fanbase in the east coast.

The band is gearing up for the road this month for a record release tour at Boston, New York City and Montreal in support of “Retitled Remastered.”


To stay up to date with The Solars, check them out on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, and their official site.

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