Dirty Sole – New Album Release

Indie electronic group Dirty Sole has recently released its second album “FWD Motion” featuring synth-pop, dance, Hip-Hop and more. Check out the debut single “Faking” here:

Dirty Sole comprises of Daniel Anderegg and Ritchie Heller who created the moniker with the hopes of making music that was dirty but soulful. Since originally meeting in 2001, they released the debut album “Skattered Jazz” followed by singles that showed off their house, funk and techno abilities. The new album “FWD Motion” takes their brand back into the indie underground with collaborations from Jon Von Letsch, Lyrics Born, Foremost Poets, Hanssen, and James Curd.

The track “Faking” is about a relationship that isn’t real. The group said, “If there’s one thing we do know, even if those old feelings were fake, we can definitely tell you, that this song is truly intoxicating.”


To stay up to date with all things Dirty Sole, be sure to check them out on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and their official website.

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