Greymarket – New Single Release

Two-piece electronic rock duo Greymarket from Tampa, Florida, have recently released their single “I’m Warning You” off their latest album “The Stress Kills.” Check out the electro-based indie power-pop track here:

Greymarket consists of Mike Gargiulo (drums) and Cave McCoy (guitar, vocals) who have combined to create a punk experience that is drench in synth waves which are sure to raise the adrenaline at any party.

The duo originally began their current journey years ago by making an EP that sounded like most traditional rock bands do with Cave playing guitar and bass. Around that time Cave was working at a recording studio called Zen Recording where the 2007 “Dauntless” was recorded. They followed that up with the 2008 album “Some Orbits Will Never Decay.” Their sound started to take on more electronic elements, moving away from conventionality.


They would continue to think outside the box with how they approached making songs throughout later album releases and now in 2016, they have reached the point where they have revamped their production process to be completely independent. “The Stress Kills” is a record made from start to finish by the band itself. It is their fourth album in eight years and it shows how they have continued to evolve their sound to include a harder edge that takes their catchy melodies to the next level.

“I’m Warning You” is the fourth single off “The Stress Kills” and is out via self-release. Check out the full album on Bandcamp and be sure to follow them on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, and on their website. Follow Greymarket on their path down new musical ventures!

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