Altamina – New Album Release

Montréal ambient post-rock band Altamina has released its new single “Storm” off their latest album “Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight,” which is available now. Listen to soothing rocker “Storm” here:

The group’s first album release was an instrumental that began as a duo partnership between members François Graham (vocals/guitar/piano) and Marco Gervais (guitar/vocals). Both members had been playing many years with the post-rock/alternative band Surface of Atlantic with three album releases and multiple songs in movies including “J’ai tué ma mère” (four awards at Cannes Festival in 2009).

The duo have since rounded out Altamina with the additions of Roxanne Miller (bass/vocals) and Matt Davis (drums). The alternative art-rockers’ second album “Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight” shows off the next step in their developing sound, which takes influence from bands including Joy Division, Tool, Interpol and more.

Photo credit: Jimmy Francoeur

Now with members contributing and added their talents to the overall sound to the best of their ability, each instrument is brought to life – from classical piano lines, synth-textures, spacey guitar licks to thought-provoking bass lines. Graham’s baritone voice nicely contrasts the lighter tone of the songs, creating a balance that all comes together to paint a picture of a beautiful, stormy night.

Photo Credit: Jimmi Francoeur

The new record was recorded at Hotel-2-Tango in the summer of 2015 with Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade). Their album “Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight” is available now. To stay up to date with Altamina, follow them on Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Twitter.


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