Carly Taich – New Single Release

Asheville based singer-songwriter Carly Taich has released her debut single “Let it Shine” from her upcoming album “Reverie,” to be released in October. Check out the song here:

Taich’s music is considered to be fearless folk-pop, and it’s easy to see why. “Let it Shine” is an emotion-filled indie pop song filled with highs and lows in sorrow, remembrance, and appreciation of the past. Though starting off with only guitar, drums, and vocals, it’s clear to note just those three alone create an atmosphere that is haunting and ghostly yet reassuring. Carly’s voice is calm and soothing and the violin that swoops in adds a layer of comfort in the dark fog. The track is a satisfying listen for anyone into folk-pop and beyond, and it’s a single that builds anticipation for “Reverie” coming out in October, an album about moving forward while giving the past a proper burial ground.

carly 0.jpg
Photo by Shonie Joy Kuykendall

The album features Alex Travers (violin), and Midnight Snack members: Mike Johnson (bass guitar/synth/piano/acoustic guitar), Jack Victor (percussion/vocals) and Zack Kardon (electric guitar/vocals) and was recorded at Sedgwick Studios, North Carolina by Mike Johnson with additional engineering by Peter Brownlee.

To stay up to date with Carly Taich, check her out on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Facebook.

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