Doctrin – New Video Release

Australian born vocalist, musician, songwriter and producer Doctrine has released a new music video for “Heavenly Cross,” a track off the 2016 EP “The Deep.” The song is about growing apart from a Catholic upbringing. See the experience unfold here:

Doctrin is the moniker of LA-based Dolly Denko, who is straight from the 90s-era of alternative rock with her grungy guitars and moody themes. The blues-inspired guitars and electronic backdrop provide an appropriate landscape for lyrical themes about smashing through religious artifacts, societal barriers and male dominance with female empowerment and sexual liberation.

“’Heavenly Cross’ music video is a symbolic piece about growing away from the teachings of the Bible and its outdated rules,” Denko said. “The guild imposed for having sexual desire, the controlling male figures and oppressive language in the Bible all make me mad and that’s just the beginning of its flaws in my opinion.”

Photo provided by Doctrine

Dolly is a one-woman band who records and plays most instruments in the studio as well as writing and producing for Doctrin. The music video was directed and produced by Dolly, with help from cinematographer Heather Saunders (Katy Perry, Stephen King, Walk The Moon) and actors Erin Bloom and Erik Hall.

To stay up to date with all things Doctrine, check her out on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, and on the official website.

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