Howler Beach – New EP Release

Friends of ETV Howler Beach have released its debut EP titled “Early Vibes EP.” Lead singer and guitarist Nicholas Montoto discussed with us the making of the band’s latest work.

Nicholas: “It basically took a year to officially complete everything. Since we were working with Shaun and Freddy from Wilkes Oswald to record ‘Pink,’ ‘Growl,’ and ‘Tigris Valley,’ we had to plan around 6 different schedules. Sometimes it’s hard to get the whole band in one room because we all have school, work, or both to worry about as well. What we did was just set up individual sessions. One day we would track two or three drum parts, another day Danny would record his bass part and so on until we had all the tracks we needed. After that what also took some time was the mixing. If all we had to focus on was the record we could’ve for sure finished it sooner. Either way we set the deadline for at most a year, made it work, and finished it on time so we are hyped.”

The band consists of Nicholas Montoto (guitars, bass, lead vocals), Andres Agudelo (guitars, vocals), Daniel Hidalgo (bass, guitars, percussion), and Zachary Montoto (drums, percussion). Follow them on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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