Silver Aeroplane – New Album Release

Friends of ETV Silver Aeroplane released its sixth album titled “Get on the Train.” Pete Edmonds, the man behind the band, discussed with us the making of his latest work.

Pete: “The album was made in my home studio from June through to mid September 2015. The overriding theme of the album is ‘positivity.’ I try to make lyrics that aren’t straight forward, to give the listener a challenge to decipher their own meanings. I also try to use words to paint a picture in the minds of the listener. I call it ‘verbal imaging.’ My main objective with making a song is to create a feeling or mood. The style is psychedelic groove rock blended with modern elements of electronic music; I also employ random interesting audio samples in a lot of tracks.

“The song ‘Get On The Train’ features a sample from the classic 60s film ‘Easy Rider’ starring Jack Nicolson as well as samples from a real subway station. The song ‘Relax, My Friend’ features a sample of some native Americans singing. I cut up the sample and built a song around it. The song ‘Use Your Imagination’ features a sample of an old 1950s spoken word record to inspire creativity in people as well as a scene from the film ‘The Trip’ where Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon imitate James Bond. It also stars a real life rooster welcoming the new day!

“I’m most proud of succeeding in bringing the ideas from my imagination to life. I am personally sick to death of the majority of the music that is being created in the world right now, so I strive to create fresh new music that is exciting and original. Sure I’m influenced by many great artists, but the skill is to blend your influences with your own ideas from different styles of music. I often compare it to making a sandwich for yourself; you may like salami, tomato, mustard, onion and cheese in your sandwich. It’s the same principle for making music, make what you like.”

To stay up to date with all of your Silver Aeroplane needs, follow the music on Soundcloud and Jamendo.

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