Lucy & La Mer’s “Rebel Babe” Challenges Binary Thinking

LA-based Lucy & La Mer is back again with the new single "Rebel Base," a track that takes her signature bright melodies and infuses them with a strong message about self identity and breaking down barriers. Check out the video below: "There’s a lot of pressure to 'look gay' or 'look straight' - it … Continue reading Lucy & La Mer’s “Rebel Babe” Challenges Binary Thinking

Lucy & La Mer – Band Interview

Los Angeles-based indie artist Lucy & La Mer is out with a new single “Honey, Put Your Weapons Down,” a pop ballad filled with folk inspirations. ETV spoke with Lucy LaForge about the new song's meaning, collaborating with a Grammy-award winning producer, and working with women’s rights organizations. Lucy is a singer and activist who has … Continue reading Lucy & La Mer – Band Interview