Nick Lombari – Solo Artist Interview

Nick Lombari is an aspiring artist who has just released a new solo album. He discussed with us how the album was recorded, what it’s about, and offers his advice for musicians who are starting out and trying to figure out their own sound.

Lombari would describe the music he makes as a range from hard rock, to indie rock, to alternative, all with a hint of the blues sprinkled over the top. Growing up, his biggest influences were The Beatles, Eric Clapton/Cream, The Band, Black Sabbath, Nirvana and Oasis.

“Kind of an odd mix, but I got different things out of listening to each artist,” said Lombari.

Originally from New Hampshire, Lombari is now located in Jacksonville, Florida. He has been playing guitar and singing for almost 13 years now. The instruments he uses include a right handed first act guitar with the strings flipped (he is left handed) and when he uses a real bass, he sticks with the Fender Precision bass. He tries to apply all the different things he has learned from his favorite artists to his music.

“I learned some great blues guitar riffs from Eric Clapton, I learned how to write a love song from The Beatles, I learned that the guitar doesn’t need to be the most dominant instrument in every song from The Band, and I learned how to take out my anger through music from Nirvana,” Lombari said.

Lombari has been recording for about six or seven years now. The drums he creates are done completely through a program because he doesn’t have access to a drum set at the moment. When it comes to recording his vocals, he records using his trusty iPhone.

“My greatest challenge would probably be finding time to record the vocals,” Lombari said. “I live with other people so I usually can’t record when they’re home, I imagine it would get annoying with how loud I sing. All I can really do to deal with it now is just wait until I’m alone here, then I can really belt it out!”

When he does find time to sing, Lombari covers themes that range from the government, to religion, to the fakeness of the music industry. The songs are also about love and hate.

“The thing is, I write my lyrics vaguely, and I do that for a reason,” Lombari said. “No matter what my song is about, I try to write it in a way that it could be applied to a number of situations that people may be able to relate to in my songs for a number of different reasons.”

Lombari has a new album out. He started writing the songs in March and took about four months to complete it. The theme of the album covers many themes but the main one is anger.

“I’m angry at what people call great music or real music these days,” Lombari said. “I’m not saying my music is amazing or great but my music is real, it comes from a real place and is created with real emotion. Music should be something created with real emotion, not something that is manufactured and performed by talentless pretty faces.”

Through recording music, Lombari has learned how to find his own sound. He said the best way for musicians who are starting out and trying to discover their own sound should listen to a lot of different type of music and to never stop finding new artists to like. He said listening to the same type of music all the time will result in creating the same old sound.

“Always be listening to different things and evolving musically,” said Lombari. “My biggest piece of advice would be whatever you write about or sing about, make sure it’s true to yourself, and make sure it comes from your emotions.”

The singer/songwriter/guitarist is sure to continue making music, so keep up with all the latest news on Soundcloud and his twitter @NickLombari.

Howler Beach – Band Interview

Miami-natives Howler Beach is looking to spread the good vibes with chilling tunes and rocking jams. With plans to release an EP by the end of the summer, lead singer and guitarist Nicholas Montoto discusses how the band formed, what style of music they make, and what he enjoys most about being in a band.

Howler Beach consists of singer and guitarist Nicholas Montoto, who sometimes plays bass in the band. His younger brother, Zachary Montoto, plays drums and together they have been jamming since they each got their first guitar and drum set, respectively. Nicholas met the group’s bassist, Daniel Hidalgo, who sometimes plays guitar, in elementary school.

“We went to different middle and high schools but lived within walking distance of each other so we kept in touch as we grew,” Nicholas said.

It was in middle school where Nicholas met the band’s lead guitar player Andres Agudelo.

“On our freshman year of high school we all got in touch, started learning cover songs and slowly developed our sound into what is now Howler Beach,” Nicholas said.

The band has never been about sticking to one style. They choose to incorporate many different influences to achieve a unique sound.

Nicholas said that all the band members listen to all kinds of music individually. When they get together, they sit down, write, and expand on those ideas and sounds. The result is a mixture of everything everyone put forward to create a sound that best describes who they truly are.

A song like “Where I’ve Been” has a reggae vibe to it, while other songs incorporate a psychedelic feel. Songs that will appear on the group’s next EP are described as having a rawer sound, stemming from the group’s love for garage rock.

In the past year, Howler Beach has played at the LMNT venue located in Downtown Miami as well as mini-music festival called Mandala which was organized by other bands in the scene.

“The shows we like the most though are the house shows around where we live,” Nicholas said. “We’re in a more suburban part of Miami so we’re not necessarily in downtown or the beach a lot. Our area is kind of overlooked but we actually have a lot of bands that are making great music.”

The bands started to get to know each other and now they play at house parties where two or three bands will play. Nicholas said these types of shows are the best because for the most part everyone knows each other and they all jam to each others music.

“As for strangers listening to our music, I’ve seen some people really get into it,” Nicholas said. “Even though we sometimes get stuck with smaller crowds they always seem to vibe and take the time tell us they like it which is something we’re grateful for.”

Last summer the band put out a three song demo consisting of simple acoustic versions of songs they play live. It was recorded as a way to introduce the studio side of the band. Since then, the band has released two singles, “Tigris Valley” and “Pink Growl” with the help of Shaun Rodriguez and Freddy Flores who helped produce the songs. The songs will be featured on an upcoming EP the band will release at the end of this summer.

Nicholas said the song “Pink Growl” is special to him because a lot of work went into making it sound the way it sounds now.

“We went through many mixes and had to re-record a lot of instruments throughout the process,” said Nicholas. “We wanted to make sure that if we were going to put out a 7-minute psychedelic jam that we did things right and when it was finally done we knew people would like it just as much as we did. I think as of now that’s the song on our profile with the best stats so we’re hyped that the work paid off.”

Howler Beach also likes to release cover songs to put out as much material as possible. In addition, as songs are recorded, Nicholas likes to make side arrangements of songs he loves and to release his own versions of them.

“Daniel and Andres started getting into it too so now we have a couple of side projects that are either one band member alone, or two of us as a duo that we will still put out as Howler Beach,” Nicholas said. “These would be put out as mini EPs or compilations that show another side of our creative process.”

No matter how the music is release, Nicholas wants to make sure he keeps himself busy. He said what he enjoys the most about being in a band is also the hardest part about being in a band, because there is always a song to be written, a track to record, a live set to rehearse, promotion to be done and so on.

“We dedicate all these hours without hesitation because we want to progress, we want to express, and we want to create,” Nicholas said. “All with the hopes to connect to the people the same way our favorite artists inspired us.”

Ultimately, Nicholas said making music is all about taking your time, letting it happen naturally, and having fun with it.

“Advice that I can give is to just put in the time and let things happen,” Nicholas said. “You know what you like, and you know what you want to hear. Don’t limit yourself to one thing, and don’t force it. Take what you like from your idols and then do it your own way. It’s easier said than done, and I can’t even say that we have it all figured out, but as long as you are true to yourself you’ll always create something you are proud of.”

Be on the lookout for Howler Beach’s upcoming EP coming out soon.

Silver Aeroplane – Band Interview

Pete Edmonds is the one man behind the band Silver Aeroplane, which is known for creating a unique blend of alternative rock with a big psychedelic vibe. Taking inspiration from The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Queen, Radiohead, The Verve and the Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Edmonds always keeps the grove in mind despite the different styles of music he creates. Although the band is mostly a solo project, the Silver Aeroplane objective is to create a full-band sound.

“I think it inspires the imagination more for the listener to project the image of being a multi-person band,” said Edmonds, citing Tame Impala as a great example for this.

The Wellington, New Zealand-native does occasionally pull friends together to perform live, although he admits things get done a lot faster in the studio without the reliance on too many people for songs to be written and recorded.

On average, it takes Edmonds between 8-20 hours to write a song when working in 1-3 hour periods. He said he finds a song will suffer if he spends too much time on it in one sitting.

“Most times I come back to work on a song and it has a different vibe or feeling than the previous recording session, and I will have fresh ideas about where to take the song,” said Edmonds.

He is currently working on the sixth Silver Aeroplane album, with the intention of having 10 tracks on it. As soon as a track is completed, it will be released on Soundcloud. When the full album is complete, it will get uploaded to the royalty free music site to join all the other Silver Aeroplane albums that are already there. All the albums are available to download for free.

“I have about 560 album downloads to date,” said Edmonds. “The dream is to be able to make a living from music. I don’t care about becoming rich or famous. I’m happy to give my music away for free just so it is heard and appreciated. From the research I have done, it’s in the artist’s interest to give their music away for free if they want to be discovered and increase their fan base.”

Silver Aeroplane released a new song recently, titled “Fight Them with Love,” which Edmonds said is about the job interview process.

“Experienced people seem to find joy in trying to make you feel awkward and uncomfortable when they interview you for a possible job,” said Edmonds. “Not flinching and being positive and smiling back is the best way to say f*** you.

“The second part of the song talks about the type of people who may have money and be in a position of power but that true happiness comes from discovering who you really are and thinking on a higher level. It’s sort of like experiencing an acid trip and having a personal revelation or going on a hike in the wilderness and having a moment of clarity, understanding what your strengths are as a person and following a career choice that you truly feel is your purpose.”

When making music, Edmonds said it is important to try to create music that you as the listener would like to hear yourself.

“I imagine the teenage version of me is listening to what I make,” said Edmonds. “I remember how magical and cool music was to me back then, especially because I did not have the skills to make it myself.”

Edmonds said one of the most important aspects of making music is having fun and enjoying the process of making and that it should never feel like a chore. He also admits a lot of people get caught up on the importance of technical skills.

“Most of the greatest songs are simple chord progressions,” said Edmonds. “Timing and expression in your playing and the way different instruments and sounds blend together are the keys to great songs.”

Overall, Silver Aeroplane strives to bring fresh alternative rock music by doing the unexpected. You can download all Silver Aeroplane albums for free on Jamendo:

Are you ready to enter the venture?

Hello everyone, my name is Isiah Reyes. I’m going to talk about two things: why I started this blog and what I plan to do with it. First of all, this is a blog dedicated to emerging artists with the occasional producer thrown into the mix. That includes everyday people who make music and are trying to build up a fan base. This blog will be focusing mostly on rock, alternative, metal, pop, and electronic genres.

So, why did I start this blog? Well, I make music myself and know what it is like firsthand to have a song or album complete but with no one in particular to show it off to. I remember I uploaded songs to various websites, joined music groups online and everything else to try to get my music heard. I realized there wasn’t a place to go where I could just talk about the music without having to get by a bunch of gatekeepers. Most music blogs focus on bands that have already signed a deal or played tours so if you’re not big-time yet, you won’t get their attention. That’s how this blog is different. My blog will focus on people who are just trying to enter the music business or create music just for fun. Hopefully they can use the article I write on them to help promote themselves. I personally like to know a little history about the people behind the music, so I thought: what if I just interview them and share their story to the world? That’s what I plan to do with this blog.

All in all, I look forward to providing in depth interviews on your next favorite musical addiction. Let’s enter this venture together!

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