KrzyFr33 Presents Hardcore Metal with “Negative Tension”

Freeman Bune Mays, aka KrzyFr33, has released his song “Negative Tension” on several streaming platforms. Check out the intense metal track here:

Right from the beginning, “Negative Tension” starts with hard hitting riffs and cage-rattling drums. The vocals are clearly filled with emotional rage and betrayal, as they want things to get back to how they were before the deception. The chorus has soaring vocals layered with aggressive, angst-filled rage, hanging onto the last strands of sanity, making you want to break things around you. The song flies off the rails yet it’s still extremely in control. The bridge’s lyrics are about two groups of people trying to get along, followed by the song bursting into a passionate melodic solo. Then the ending, which features powerful double pedal drums, adds an exclamation mark to solid track that could make it onto any upcoming metal playlist.

Lyrically, the song is about trying to get along with your family, but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t. It comes across loud and clear, and you can hear the honesty and pain in the voice. Instrumentally, the music has thrashing riffs, complex melodies, and interesting arrangements. It goes from heavy verses to soulful solo sections, letting you experience the full range of the songwriting spectrum of this rising artist.

Overall, “Negative Tension” is a great showing by KrzyFr33. We look forward to hearing more future music and hope he continues to construct his emotional destruction for us to enjoy. Stay up to date on Facebook and Spotify.

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