Gilman Mom – New Album Release

Gilman Mon has released his experimental album “Manifest Destiny” via Macaque Records. Listen to the album here:


The album contains field recordings that allows the listener to reflect on their innermost thoughts. It is self-described by Gilman Mon as “moody and throbbing” and is filled with ambient noise featuring natural and electronic elements that intertwine. Gilman Mon said the album was inspired by his experience he had when he was walking late at night during a storm, feeling the darkness and loneliness of the experience. Then, as he began entering a new state of mind of acceptance, the storm faded, allowing him to be in touch with nature in a new exciting way. The music reflects this experience and allows the listener to live through their own thunderstorm that leads them to their own epiphany in life.


The album is also available to listen for free here.

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