Dark Model – Album Review

Dark Model will bring the orchestrated electronica to a new all-time high with the release of “Saga” on March 24. Check out “Survivors,” one of the many highlights from the album here:

Originally from Hiroshima, Japan, award-winning music producer Tatsuya Oe’s project Dark Model is the result of more than 20 years of producing music from a variety of genres and collaborating with other artists to create memorable, stand-out remixes. On “Saga,” fans of both orchestral music and dance floor anthems will unite as this album does a masterful job at combining both genres seamlessly together. At times, there will be an epic, over-the-top choir that is filled with intense emotions and at other times, the pulsating beats will have the listener swaying to the infectious rhythms.

“Saga” begins with powerful violins that build anticipation for what’s to come. The opening track slowly builds as powerful electronic drums come thundering in at full force. The two following tracks, “Avalon” and “Rage and Redemption” offer equally invigorating landscapes in different ways, as the former begins with an epic burst of energy that flows at a steady pace and features a mysterious and intriguing middle section, while the latter blasts in with dance beats ready to hit the club scene. With added choir vocals in the mix, the track keeps the epic theme intact with fierce passions and body-moving drums.

The song “Survivors” is a stand-out that would be the best representation of what the album offers. It’s an upbeat track with soaring melodies and a beat that is steady to provide a solid driving force. The next song, “Inferno Suite,” features a larger-than-life choir and electronic bass clocked in a maximum. It’s a track that will easily pump up anyone working out to go the extra mile. Other tracks such as “Labyrinth” are delicate and sound as if performed straight off the stage of a live orchestra, with heart-tugging piano melodies that encapsulate the feeling of hope and despair all in one. The closing track “Dawn of Resurrection” serves as a satisfying closure to the range of emotions the listener has gone through – from the very highs of empowerment to the lows of self-reflection.

Most of the songs on “Saga” are bold and delve into pounding drums in upbeat, majestic and empowering ways that would not seem out of place as a background soundtrack to a movie scene displaying an impending invasion of massive scale. One track’s beats are industrial in nature to keep things fresh, while another has a Middle-Eastern desert atmosphere to show off a variety of influences from around the world.

The choir in most of the songs add to an elevated sense of drama and tension that defines the album’s sound, making it stand out from other typical electronic offerings. It’s the little things, like the soulful and melodic piano melodies that add thought-provoking layers to make the album a worthy listening experience. Dark Model has made each song a chapter to a new adventure. Although “Saga” may not be the go-to record to pull out at a nightclub due to its intense, dramatic instrumentation, this is the album to grab when wanting to venture on an unbelievable mind-altering trip (while dancing to the beats).

To stay up to date with Dark Saga, check out the project’s media on YouTube, Facebook, and official website.

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