The Second Revision – Band Interview

Australia-based The Second Revision have been making interesting and fun rock since forming a few years ago. The band spoke with ETV about the themes of their music, the challenges they face, and offered advice for other musicians and artists who are starting out.

Founded in mid-2013, The Second Revision is a group project formed by two brothers, Max Styles and Joe Styles, originally as a side project to another band. It quickly became their main project and although they occasionally have input from friends from school, they are the band’s only two permanent members. Max is the lead singer and Joe contributes guitar and bass and together they write all the songs.

The band has released several EPs and is working on putting them together into an album. With musical influences from The Beatles, British India, Impala and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, their sound incorporates elements from each of these bands resulting in a sound that is mainly alternative rock and garage rock that sometimes delves into space rock and blues.

“The themes of our songs are varied, covering topics such as loneliness, escape from everyday life, and relationships,” the band said. “We like to vary how we present these themes, sometimes talking from a personal perspective, and sometimes through stories. In our song ‘Halfway Home’ we talk about a fictional man’s life, which reflects many of these themes.”

The track “Halfway Home” and its themes were relevant to the band at the time and it marked a turning point in writing more serious songs. Check it out here:

The challenges the band faces include making music even while keeping up with study commitments and promoting their music as they don’t have a manager or publicist. However, despite that, The Second Revision is still pushing forward with making new music and trying to get it out there for people to enjoy. The band offered this advice for other up and coming artists out there:

“I would say to experiment around with a lot of different styles, not just when you’re starting out but even if you’re established, and pick the style which you most enjoy to play,” the band said. “I would also say not to focus too much on what other people have produced, or any preconceived notions of how artists within a particular genre should sound – feel free to break boundaries!”

To stay up to date with The Second Revision, check them out on YouTube, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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