Blood Bullet – New Album Release

ISIAH: It’s been in the works for quite some time now, but I’m happy to announce that it’s finally complete. Greetings everyone, Isiah Zombie here to announce Blood Bullet’s second full length album “The Present Lasts Forever” was released Dec. 20. Check out the track “I Am Universe” from the album here:

For those of you new to this venture, Blood Bullet is the electro-rock indie musical project consisting of guitarist Brandon Dean and I, two California-natives. My role in the band is writing lyrics, recording vocals, programming drums, bass and keys, and mixing all of that together with Brandon’s guitars to try and make something that sounds fresh, different, and most importantly, our own.

“The Present Lasts Forever” follows the release of our debut album “Enter the Venture” in 2015. That album opened up a dark, energetic, heavy and mystical world for us to explore both musically and conceptually. This new album seeks to shake things up by slowing things down as acoustic guitars and softer melodies take over, allowing us to try out different styles of songwriting. Overall, people who liked our debut album will be put to the test on whether they want to stick around, and for the people who haven’t heard us, this is a good starting point.

BRANDON: There’s a more narrow direction musically for this album, but maybe focused is the better word. Even though there is still a lot to digest in each song, it feels stripped down, if that makes sense. We found what was most essential in each song, and brought that out.

ISIAH: Now don’t get us wrong, there are still rocking moments on this album. The album’s opener “I Will Find You” is intended to serve as a bridge from the first album to the second, allowing people familiar with the original sound to feel the electro-rocking vibes before settling down to experience the new style.

Another track on the album, the lead single “The Sand Flows Through,” is also a rocker and a definite standout, having all the guitars you would come to expect from Blood Bullet yet still fresh and melodic to keep you on your toes. Check out the track here:

BRANDON: This song was originally supposed to be two, but somehow we ended up putting them together and making a whole one that is probably my favorite song we’ve ever done. It has this groovy mellow part that was supposed to be the basis for one separate song; a rocking solo, and then it breaks down into this grungy, slow-burn tune. That’s probably my favorite part; the end with the simple solo and Isiah’s lyrics over the chords, and a simple solo I wrote. It almost sounds euphoric.

ISIAH: Speaking of lyrics, “The Present Lasts Forever” is a concept album just like our debut, but very different in nature. The new album tells the story that could best be described as a romantic sci-fi journey: One man must travel through space and time to find the one person who means the most in his life, but will he sacrifice the world to fulfill his own desires? The journey awaits.

I felt the best way to deliver this story was to tone things down and to focus on beautiful melodies over headbanging riffs. A good example of this is Brandon’s interesting melodies on the track “One Place Left to Go.” Check out the track here:

BRANDON: Isiah and I made a conscious effort to incorporate acoustic sounds into this album. Before that, I had been playing around with some material in different tunings, and I ended up using those tunings in songs like “I Am Universe” and “One Place Left to Go.” The different tunings give those songs different dimensions. I also tried to do a less is more approach on my solos, including those on “Universe” and “One Place.” I didn’t want to play a lot notes just for the sake of playing them. I want the listener to feel every note’s purpose.

ISIAH: In the end, I want Blood Bullet to be known for making music that spanned across different styles of genres and songwriting. As for what we’re doing on the next Blood Bullet album, there are plans on making it a double album… but let’s keep our heads in the present for now.

“The Present Lasts Forever” is available digitally on CDBaby and soon to Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp and all the usual places. The physical album contains a 12-page liner booklet with lyrics and original artwork by DavidRXV. The album is published by XV Empire 2016.

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