Stan Johanson – New Album Release

Friend of ETV Stan Johanson recently released a new album titled “War Machine.” Here is what he had to say about his latest work.

Stan: “The three tracks from this album that I have put on SoundCloud are ‘War Machine,’ ‘When The Children Cry’ and ‘Fire Fire Fire.’ If I remember correctly, the idea came from ‘American Woman’ (The Guess Who, January 1970), ‘War Pigs’ (Black Sabbath April 1970), and ‘Give Peace a Chance’ (Plastic Ono Band, July 1969). These songs describe what the victims face during times of conflict.

“In the song ‘War Machine,’ the song describes some of the horrors of war, then asks the question of why. There is a realization that there will always be war, pain and suffering. This song never truly answers the why.

“‘When the Children Cry’ describes the horrors that children go through during times of war. For the most part there is no true understanding of what is going on, there is fear, and in the end there is emotional scaring that the children go through during times of conflict. They are the true blameless victims of war.

“‘Fire Fire Fire’ is a song that attempts to describe the point of view of a victim that realizes that this is it. The end is here and there is no way out of what is about to happen, whether that person is a soldier or civilian.

“I played around with the concept of this album, and settled with a theme, rather than a story. The central part of the theme of this album is respect. I chose this because I feel that the root cause of yesterday’s and today’s conflicts in the world really has to do with respect and all other causes are built of from that.

“This whole album searches for a root cause, and is not blaming anyone directly. It is about cause and effect. The why and the what.

“The album was started around 1995 and was never completed. The songs that were written at that time were ‘War Machine,’ ‘When the Children Cry,’ and ‘Long Road to Nowhere.’ The song ‘Fire Fire Fire’ was started in 2014, and completed in 2015. The songs ‘Respect,’ ‘Freedom,’ ‘Countdown to Extinction’ and ‘Broad Spectrum of Stupidity’ were written in 2015.”

To buy the full album, check out “War Machines” available on iTunes. Be sure to like Stan on Facebook, follow him on Twitter and check out his tracks on YouTube and SoundCloud. Also check out Stan’s website at

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