Red Fuze – Band Interview

Red Fuze is a garage rock and blues band from Sweden consisting of two members who had not met in person or even looked each other up on other social media until after they released their first self-titled EP “The Red Fuze.” Today, both members Randy Wild (vocals) and Raimond Raio Geezer (guitar) spoke with ETV about their approach in the studio, the influences behind their 2015 EP “Bazooka Circus,” and their plans for the near future.

Taking a unique approach to how bands are usually formed, the two members of Red Fuze got together through a band finder site online. At the time they both lived in different parts of Sweden.

“We didn’t want to form a picture of the other person through social media,” said Randy. “Thank God for that, ‘cause the music is so pure and I think we’re the only band in the world that made an EP, written, recorded and released without having a clue how any of us looked like.”

Red Fuze currently has released two EPs, the latest being their 2015 effort “Bazooka Circus.” It is heavily influenced by 60s and 70s rock and garage with an emphasis on the old school approach of analog production. The band was looking to create a pure, dark and rainy collection of songs, and listening to the titles track “Bazooka Circus,” it looks like they did just that.

“It has a unique daring distorted surf-horror sounding theme, sorta Link Wray vibe to it,” said Randy.

When it comes to forming new musical ideas, the problem isn’t what to create but rather what to leave off. The resulting sound from a limited amount of technical tampering has resulted in a raw and lively approach.

“We try to avoid over working our music and rather let it be a bit rough around the edges with soul and feeling then perfect with lack of soul and energy,” said Randy.

The band is currently focusing on writing and recording its third EP, which is promised to be its most impetuous yet. As the amount of music they create increases, so has their fanbase.

“The response has been good and we have been asked to play in New York, so the next step for us will be to hit the roads and start touring,” said Raimond. “That’s something we’re looking very much forward to do!”

Randy and Raimond both know that building up a fanbase online is not easy. They offered their advice for bands that are looking to create a dedicated following.

“We have only one advice -HARD WORK,” said Randy. “There’s no shortcuts people. Nothing is handed to you for free. And if it is, you’re a lucky bastard.”

Red Fuze is definitely a force to be reckoned with and a band worth checking out. In addition to “Bazooka Circus,” check out their first EP with great rockers like “Riding.”

To stay up to date with Red Fuze, they can be found on Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.

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