Kimiora – Solo Artist Interview

Modern soul music maker Kimiora is a solo artist who has released some unique tracks on his Soundcloud account. As a solo artist he walks the fine line between folk and electronic and is definitely an artist to stay on the lookout for. Today he discussed with us his musical inspirations, the meaning behind his songs and his plans for the near future.

“Kimiora is my name, and it’s also the ‘future band’s name’ because I’m actually solo,” said Kimiora.

So, to present a larger band sound, he recorded his Soundcloud tracks in Paris with Izia’s musicians, including Vincent Brulin and Guillaume Zeller for the record processing and Sebastien Hoog played guitar on “Can.” For those of you know who don’t know Izia, she is a French rock singer, guitarist, and actress who has had songs appear on French album charts. The result was a collection of songs that don’t easily fit into a single genre.

“I always have difficulty to find the genre when someone is asking,” Kimiora said. “I would say synthetic and pop rock, although I don’t like the term too much ‘pop rock’ cause nowadays it’s confusing.”

Kimiora has had his music influenced by artists like Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Young, Prince and most of all The Beatles, drawing his vocal inspiration from all of them.

“It feels like a soul’s breathing anytime I sing,” Kimiora said. “I think it’s just my way to get rid of my impurities, my troubles. If I don’t feel good after playing music, there is no point. I make music to feel better, to be happy truly.”

One of Kimiroa’s tracks is titled “Dad,” and he said the song means a lot to him because it was written by his father a few weeks before Kimiora left his home for Paris. The two of them worked together on the song, with Kimiora writing the music one day and his father giving him the lyrics the next.

“It was a gift on both sides,” Kimiora said.

The songs created by Kimiora can range from themes about childhood and family, with the narratives in the lyrics coming from real life experiences. One of his songs, which has not yet been posted, is about the birthday of his mother and another is about his grandfather’s death. The songs always come from a genuine place of emotions.

One day, Kimiora would like to release an EP or album, but since he writes songs alone it takes time to go through all the steps of trying out sounds and melodies on new instruments and exploring new sonic landscapes.

For now, enjoy the creations of Kimiora on Soundcloud, follow him on Facebook, and check out his videos on YouTube.

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