Wolf Critton – Solo Artist Interview

Acoustic rock singer, songwriter, producer, and Iraq veteran Wolf Critton has recently released his new single “Jane Doe.” Today he discussed with us the beginning of his musical journey, the time he spent during his two tours in Iraq and some of his upcoming plans for the future.

Wolf was born in New York City and raised in Harlem. For as long as he could remember, he has been interested in poetry. He won a contest for poetry when he was 5 years old and despite being heavily into rapping, he never had ambition to make music until much later on when he became enlisted in the U.S. Army. He served two tours in Iraq in the infantry.

“The whole experience changed my whole perception on life and gave me the realization that everything can be over in an instant,” Wolf said. “For example my first tour was in Anaconda a.k.a. Bomb City. Literally all day the base was under attack and you’d walk around waiting to be blown to pieces. If it wasn’t for my friend handing me my first guitar I would have lost my mind period.”

Perhaps the most traumatic event during his time overseas was to experience the death of his friend and teacher of the acoustic guitar. Wolf saluted many fallen comrades along the way and music was the outlet he needed to keep himself sane.

Despite the difficulty of the hardships, the experience allowed for Wolf to have a deeper appreciation for life. Since finding his voice and love for writing music in Iraq, he has gone on to create a unique soulful songs that create images in the listener’s head. Wolf describes his sound as imperfect, honest, and raw.

“I want my music to relate to those that need it the most – to the other Lone Wolves out there,” Wolf said. “I didn’t start singing or playing the guitar until I was in the deserts of Iraq. Since then it’s been a little over 5 years of nonstop music!”

Wolf’s new track “Jane Doe” was written about his relation with his girl named Jane.

“The song is about us guys trying to explain how imperfect we are, but that some of us are actually loyal and that there really isn’t any reason for either person to be insecure,” said Wolf. “It’s about the frustration of loving someone and feeling like it’s a punishment because of what you’re willing to go through.”

Wolf sings his songs with an open heart, sharing his personal feelings through his lyrics. He said he walks a fine line between his music and his personal life, asking himself “is this something about myself I really want to share?” Thankfully he does, because the result is authentic songs based on real life experiences that people can relate to.

Although Wolf didn’t originally think that going into music would lead him to where he is now, he has embraced the love he has received along the way. One of his favorite live performances was at the Ritz Theatre in Newburgh, New York, because he dreamed of playing there a few years back and made it his goal to play there one day. It finally became a reality. The audience was filled with friends and family, making it a truly memorable night.

“To all those that have followed my journey and showed love through every step all I can say is the love is mutual!” Wolf said. “You can’t have a testimony without a real story and you can’t be heard without people that listen! You all give me drive, reason, and purpose. For that I’m humbled and grateful.”

Wolf is working on releasing an EP titled “P.O.L” (Prisoner of Love) by November. To stay up to date with Wolf, check out WolfCritton.com and find him on Twitter and Facebook.

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