Selkirk – Solo Artist Interview

Hailing from the greater New York City area, Selkirk has played in bands since he was a kid. Today he discussed with us the meaning to his songs and his advice for other artists.
Selkirk’s musical inspiration comes from many different sources. He said he likes Sia just as much as he likes Slayer. This mix of influences and his creative environment had made him the artist he is today.

His lyrics take a look at modern culture’s obsession with money, fame and technology. A recent song upload by Selkirk titled “Rebuilding Society on a Shoestring Budget” is a good example at the themes that run through his music, with resonating lines such as “fighting the wrong war / we need more humans for humanity / we stand alone in fields of clover / we need an end to start it over.”

“When I listen back it sounds kind of like a rallying call for the apocalypse, but the sentiment comes from a positive place,” Selkirk said. “The world is full of distractions, but at the end of the day we’ve all got our own truths. I think that’s what it’s trying to say. It’s for anyone who wants to listen to it.”

Selkirk said all his songs come from the same framework in terms of ideas and execution so it’s hard for him to pick a favorite song. His advice for artists who make music is to “go with your gut. There’s no right or wrong in expression. It’s whatever is real to you.”

Selkirk has a new collection of seven songs out under the title “Disposable Outcome.” Check it out and upcoming tracks on his Soundcloud.


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